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As move out day approaches, Clint faces the consequences of his reckless behavior. Dondre plays a cruel prank on Meagan causing a major meltdown.
Megan why you stuck to Jersey Chaser honey Let's go bitch. I ain't going nowhere Don't Are you Being goes too far I hope you go to help I'm gonna miss you And then they like me neither I'm down here at the ATL This is the true story of seven strangers picked to live in a House that's crazy I'm looking for some at Lanta peaches to have their lives taped stream and shared across Facebook What do you mean No to find out what happened You are not listening when people stop being polite Oh my God and start getting real. We're in Atlanta baby Let's go Let's go This is the that has been happening for the past How long they were really expecting exactly I tell him No and then he's like alright well then I'm gonna put the people in front of you Clinton's talking to me the way he always talks to me Not very nice I understand it's his birthday. I understand you know he's frustrated but how many chances can you give somebody a friend likes Okay Guys my birthday bro today he literally asked me to be his girlfriend like 15 times of your head I don't even know where his head don't have fun for your own birthday Don't have fun for your birthday then you know they knew that we had to leave 20 minutes ago We have a curfew We couldn't find him It's time to go home and leave them wherever the heck they are I'm sorry Worth Lauren and Clinton We don't know we were how we literally got in the car at 130 Sat outside until Two AM No one got in the car and then our car just drove away Why hold on They're missing like what's the he ducked off and disappeared where he went It looks like he's bar hopping then running off from the cameras. That's a huge thing You can't run off for the cameras. They were supposed to be in the House by a certain time. It's already past that time It's not looking good for Clinton I'm going to bed I love you all good night Good night What why would I believe with you I take my production comes out to me. It was like a client like you know you gotta be you gotta be done drinking Just give me a pass You know what I mean? It's my birthday Please don't follow the car Why you did that You alright Alright Let's go get ball back Alright so let's go No No No no no So the next thing is we're putting on the seat belt and then you can bend over and go to sleep Okay so put on the seat belt We got it. Come here Ready Come on What do you think happened to Clint color What do you think he deserves to stay after disobeying the law of the land I mean how many times has he Yeah. That's like his fourth time right broken the law big one right He got a and miss Kirkview I am went away from the cameras We'll see me and Andre and Toby assuming many things at this point Clint might be asked to leave the House We don't know what's gonna happen Look guys guys close to get real interesting The big guy Shut the front door Happy birthday Happy birthday Thank you Thank you Thank you What's going on the big 29 I know it I know it Hi This is it What are you He's leaving wait leaving Yeah That's it That's what it is What happened Yeah I mean I got a little bit Imma birthday last night and yeah you know it's pretty much what happened at the end of the night and put me in a hotel and honestly I don't remember really what happened after that I wake up this morning One of the producers steps in says well you got kicked off the show It's so good Honestly I feel like I got to know all Y'all like you know I'm not walking out the House feeling like you know what I mean My grandson said when I got picked for the show see you in two weeks And I was like now is thinking I was like I'll be good Make it through I don't wanna be that guy but I just can't help who you are you know And then they expect that we neither I don't think he's gonna keep saying home It sucks I felt like we were on a good course to be building like a friendship but at the same time bro you made your bed It's time to line where you going I'm staying here in Atlanta for a while I'm annoyed that we couldn't get it together by even if we didn't work out as a relationship he became really my person here I appreciate you helping me with the children the whole relationship with I didn't really understand what I was doing until you had to take step back and think about it I do I actually feel like I love her I'm a little bit reckless with my thinking process when I'm drinking at a problem Yeah, that's too Clint was my first friend in the House You know he was just always there So it's really sad to say goodbye Keep in touch Repost this on your Instagram so we get your followers I was acting out of character. Definitely you know when you're hurting like that living in the same House with somebody it's not easy I love everybody in the House I've grown with them They are They are my friends and you know it's hard God I'm gonna kill him So I get up and you know I noticed my makeup is gone but you wanna make up where is it I don't know I don't wanna be bare faced I don't feel comfortable being bare face So I'm gonna start looking for makeup Making what's wrong You're so evil What happened when you call yourself a follower of Jesus Christ What happened What's wrong The other day The girls who was trying to play a prank on me Sandra We're coming for you buddy You wanna sleep you better bring your mattress back upstairs He's gonna be so pissed You know what I don't care What happened to my phone Alexa call Dondre calling Dondre Drey I know about what it took her damn makeup bag. She would have just lost her And I did it anyway because if you're going to start I'm a bigger starter Tiptoe down stairs like James Bond and still Megan's makeup bag right next to her while she's sleeping Wrap it up in the plant so it actually looks like a plant outside and I know she's gonna break the hell down and I cannot wait to see it I don't know at this point I've looked everywhere I've been looking since eight, 40 Oh she was closest I know it's dangerous but I'm not gonna give it I'm not gonna let him win this Where is it You know the devil obviously you do cuz that's what I'm looking at right now I'm not so I'm gonna put my big girl panties on and I'm gonna try and just make it through I will get my ass up and I will help you find it Stop They're not even looking for four hours I think I've seen me Please let me follow I found it Where was it in the bushes Thank you I told you. I got you bitch Are you okay, Megan I hope you go to hell you know that that's overreaction. I don't give a goes too far and that to me is just not a friend You guys got a call I got kicked out my time with Toby had to get cut short You know I'm pissed and I obviously don't feel as if it was a hundred percent done it would be until then Now my phone number is blocked if she just left and I didn't see her again. I'd be like I told you about my books to read before I came out here What kind of books were they how to be alone Did I listen to the book No you shall didn't I realized that I get cleanse calls coming through you walk his number on your phone Yeah but it notifies me when he contacted me I'm not ready for that right now Claim called me twice yesterday and today I don't know why part of me feels like I owe it to him to talk At him like I don't get it I'm just like I had no sense of identity You know what I mean you have to trust yourself like if something feels bad then that's wrong The sad part is even if it feels bad it's better than nothing and it's always been like that always That's bad like the amount of times, my ex said You're not pretty like you're nothing like all that but I stayed Like it was something it was something Yeah cuz even abuse is a form of attention right Tova really opening up to me about her experience like with needing validation It was just so sad She has trauma and pain inside of her So we get stuck in these times of trauma happened to us. You know as badly as I wanna talk to him It's not what's best for me in the long run This is like a big step for me and I'm proud of myself I'm finally learning to put myself first I can like put my foot down in other situations but when it comes to guys like it just it doesn't happen You need a therapist is gonna suck it out of you seriously Wow. I'm really sorry birth so loud until you guys microphone Daughter's chicken is gonna be salmonella He pulled it out yesterday, but that has been sitting out in the sink 20 - Andre is dumb Why does he do stupid Just throw it away Yeah Oh my God This is disgusting Did you get juices on you almost done Chickens disgusting and it smells it. Smells Hey girls I was just walk good We throw away your chicken No, you didn't Yeah. We did No It was turning Green No No. No no no no no no John is really bad I would tell somebody's whole chicken away Are you smelling the chicken right now It's not even bad Wrong with you you left it out overnight My roommates are adamant the chicken spoiled and has sound Manila because I lived out in the sink that she was good as hell I even seasoned it and put a ranch on it They're gonna get sick and he obviously doesn't see this. You don't need to let him get sick Salmonella Okay buddy Okay what Jeans to wear tonight? We're going to celebrate our last night out It's like bittersweet but I'm always down for the turnover Can we go Yes so hopefully the girls aren't acting like granny's and we can just have fun Thank you I am gonna miss my roommates I really am at first. I thought I wasn't but I really am cuz I feel like they're close friends. I know these people like family now Six people know me like very well It's also scary that we're now gonna leave each other I'm gonna miss my roommates for sure Nobody is going to understand what we have done here unless you have been here Drake made expired rotten chicken and ate it and then he keeps smoking Hookah told the coal is Ash Dondre is blasted Let's take a poll who think John is gonna vomit in the car Raise your hand If you know who's missing them up they got him dizzy bro I'm gonna go to sleep Can I buy I'm well too up Dondre Dre Donnie Are you pooping Lord have mercy This man is sitting on the toilet with a full outfit of clothes on straining as if he's trying to push something up Always they could smell the smell in here Holy It's not like a million diapers It is awful Oh my gosh Stay in your pants It's seeping through the you'll try to warn him so this way he wants to Everybody about burning chicken away car was a bitch so I really didn't even need to get mad at him because carbon found its way Boys. Wake up Come on You ain't getting out of cleaning just cuz you're in bed Are you naked Yes You're not Are you really I really am I need to shift it Yup There we go Thank you Look at this beard for the last time this so I can say I made my bed every day So I've been doing some thinking Y'all know how hard like my crazy meltdown or whatever about my makeup I've really been thinking about it You know I'm kinda just trying to be more secure with myself So I think I'm gonna do my last interview without any makeup I'm so proud of you That's really good Yeah I love that. Megan is gonna do her interview makeup free knowing that this is her biggest insecurity that is Super courageous and brave of Megan So just tell me a little bit about what you've decided to do today So today I've decided to finish off this last interview without any makeup nothing on but a spray tan that's like three days old So as soon as I had a freak out with all the makeup and stuff it kinda just hit me how reliant I was on my Cup cuz I'm so worried about you know what other people are gonna say and what people are gonna think about me but at the end of the day it doesn't matter I remember the first night I slept with makeup on so I could get up and have makeup on for the cameras Sir I'm going to sleep in a long day Good night This six Perience has developed me and changed me and molded me into who I am as I'm leaving I'm stronger I am more loving of myself. I'm more kinder to myself and I walked through those doors This is my journey and I'm just not giving it one day at a time I'm dead Clinton just texted me What do you say wondering if you need a toilet paper delivery Clint just texted me too He said Hi, it's Clint How are you I was wondering toes leaving the House today Oh my God It's me I'll just answer him once I'm back in Arizona. You need to I think that's the best option for me Good Hello I was five minutes Alright what is the last time we're gonna be together It's a really emotional day It's really better. Sweet Yeah Five -minute warning. Bye Y'all It's real bitches Yeah, you can't cry what the The mood is definitely sad We're all kind of down in the dumps How do you go about life? Not living with each other It's just weird I came here to do one thing but then so much more showed itself to me This is my body that's amazing like caring about other people trying to help them process their trusting you you're so pretty You're so sweet Do you wanna hug I hope you have a daughter like you Oh yeah Thank you so much Thank you also they grow up so fast Thanks so much great meeting you It was great meeting it too Everybody here has great potential Believe that in no there's something hard in yourself operating over your life Thanks Justin Thanks man I've done what I was supposed to do There's so many issues in our society that we need to be talking about people who need to have the tough conversations America's built on White male supremacy I lost my virginity because I was raped My sexuality does not make me less of a man the House It's basically environment where you can't run from things that you wanna run from We have a lot of differences but we're a lot more connected than what we may believe and if Y'all need me I'm always here Imma vote for whatever you want me to shut the up Bye Bye I need to give myself more credit stand my ground and demand the respect that I deserve I deserve to be respected and if you're not gonna do it somebody else will my voice matters whether people like it or not the correct term is an illegal It's undocumented Bye I love you These are not people that I would ever make a friendship with I'm a virgin No one 's gonna talk to me like that. I'm not a hateful person is thank you. I love you all even though sometimes the remains in the House can always the absolute rather me. I've came a long way Don and I are leaving where the last to go buy House Thanks for all the memories coming here actually gave me a purpose I really wasn't understanding what I was getting into it. So many people you're not gonna win my I feel like I know now I'm not argue with you no more bro I don't wanna leave this experience This is like the turning point Thank you for supporting me I just wanted to let you know like I hear you I understand you Thank you I gotta go back and be this fake ass professional man and I don't feel like doing it How do you feel excited to go home and I'll show you I literally was like oh we're gonna come to this House and like live with other people and drink and just be idiots and that is not the case at all How do you spend so many days with the person and then not see them for a long time What As time went on I got to share my experience and those diverse group of people where everyone is so different and I would never take that experience back Stick your bags on top of that one Okay My bags are not gonna fit back here. There's no way No. No. No. No. No Leave that one down You know what I mean Yeah What the client did you know he was here Huh Did you know he was here What What's going on You know I didn't know if I was ever gonna see again I wanted to go I mean whatever you think you know I'm gonna miss you I hate you but I missed you and I wish I could've had this experience with you these last few days You're gonna wrap it up champ Alright I'll text you We're always gonna share this bond whether it's like in a relationship or not so I hope that we get to be friends again in the future I care about Tofa lot and I feel bad You know if it's finally over it's like alright man I'm not the guy for that We were not close in the beginning But now we're like siblings We found a lot of understanding in one another look in like a scholarly young man damn bitching his balls Yes our past would've never crossed if it wasn't for this and I'm so excited for the future with these six friends of mine Are you recording I think the real world for that Why are you all sitting here being fake as hell like we was just beefing every day to this this point Stop just stop it Hey everyone Make sure you follow the real world on Facebook. Watch Look out for new videos dropping daily If you're not doing that you need to change that right now you can see even more of me and my roommates on Facebook stories Let's get it

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