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Steve is ready for a second chance at love, and he's looking for the wow factor 馃槏
Boasting Boasting Bost a full head of hair hair his his Lisas. Lisas date. Hello Nice to meet you. How are you doing? I'm good. You're You're very very smart. smart. smart. Nice Nice Nice Nice Nice Nice Nice jacket. jacket. jacket. jacket. Thank Thank Thank you you you very very very very much dashing dashing global global global recruitment. recruitment recruitment recruitment Executive Executive Executive Steve. Steve Steve My My name name. name is is Nicole. Nicole. I get so many comments. It's a cool name. I hope it's cool to meet you all that kind of stuff. How are you feeling nervous? Yeah. Yeah. Do Do Do you you you believe believe believe about your your your your your. name. name. name? name. That's That's. That's That's a a a challenge challenge challenge to to to. me. me. I'm I'm not. not Mick Jagger. Look good. good. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It's It's not not not quite quite quite. quite sure sure sure it's like like I'm I'm enjoying enjoying this this this drink drink. drink. drink. drink. Charmaine. Charmaine. Charmaine. Charmaine. Yeah. I believe I'm I'm an an old old school school romantic romantic romantic at at at heart. Yeah. I I dated dated a a couple couple couple of of of people people people in in in the the. the the last last last couple couple couple of of of years. years years years and and and the the the feedback I've heard about myself. myself. I'm I'm too too nice, nice. I I I think think think. think we we we are are are ready ready ready for. for for for you Fantastic. Fantastic. I I don't don't think think think that that that tastes tastes. tastes tastes can't can't can't can't say. say say say the the the word maybe maybe I'm I'm not not very very good good good at at at it. shut shut up. up. up. Maybe Maybe Maybe I I I I should. should should should learn learn learn how how how to to. to chat chat someone someone up. up. It came up. Thank you. How did your thing? I've been told I have a big back. that'd be perfect What blue eyes you have it goes with the jacket it does. I think you will love them. The perfect day would be someone who's intelligent. I you know all the things attractive sense of style. Outgoing that wow factor. Thank you very much. Thank you. Hi nice to meet you. I'm Lisa Nice to meet you. I'm Steve Nice to meet you. Steve oh my goodness. You're gorgeous, you said you you thank you very nice. Thank you. Oh my God. It's such a relief to your eyes. Thank you what a place I know it's it's stunning. Absolutely stunning. Yeah. It's where are you from then at that? So I'm so if we do it on M M 25 25 junctions, junctions. junctions Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. I'm I'm I'm Junction eight. eight. eight Okay Okay. Okay. Okay. So. So So So I'm I'm I'm 20 - one. one. Okay. Okay. I I think think think the the the most most most important important important important thing thing thing is the. thing is is is the the most indefinable. the most most indefinable indefinable thing and that's. thing and that's just that. So you're just by where you got the one yes if I meet someone and that sparks there, the list goes out the window. It's literally the if it's it's a circle you're at the top. I'm at the bottom. Okay. Yeah. exactly exactly what you want. You're dressed. It's amazing. Thank you. What did you ask for? why is it about the spark and and that's what gets it for me? Well, I had a list on my phone. It is and top of the list was most like dogs and then 22 22 well. well well well I I I like like like dogs. dogs. What What What a. a a French French Bulldog. Bulldog Bulldog. His His His name name name is is is Vinny really who who thinks thinks he's he's a a big big big dog dog dog and and and how's how how's how's is. Vinnie Vinnie Vinnie Vinnie is. is. is is for for buyers. buyers. Okay Okay now I now love I. dogs I do. Stas with my aunts wess as well, so what's your sort of what's your relationship background? then so I met my wife when we were 21 and 22. Alright. Yeah, we were together for 20 years the great part over time and both wanted different different things. things. things. things. I've I've got got the the. divorce. I wasn't seeing anyone. Without loss my parents separately married again so always been about I don't wanna go to break up as I did not be married and design so have you have you done much dating I'm ready now I want to make someone and have a partnership yeah

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