WATCH LIVE: Coronavirus press conference (1 March 2021)

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WATCH LIVE: Coronavirus press conference (1 March 2021)


- Matt Hancock, Health and Social Care Secretary
- Dr Susan Hopkins, Public Health...

Posted 8 months ago in Health & Medical

Aisha Garelnabi 8 months ago

Congratulations Matt..... good job.... you plan with your team is going very well... the slideshow is fantastically prepared.... easy to follow... with positivity......thanks to all of you today 馃憦馃憦馃憦

Jacqui Bruce 8 months ago

The side effect of the vaccine (a.z,) after a week of going downhill rapidly my father died, my mother in law was very poorly and my daughter in law had flu symptoms, am I having it NO!

Alan Hillsdon 8 months ago

We are on lockdown, stop other countries crossing our borders. You don't have to be thick to understand that

Emma Bullard 8 months ago

Stop people coming into our airports unless they have been vaccinated or at least have a Covid negative certificate and travel insurance! This as well as the tariff applicable!

Marian Price 8 months ago

delighted the schools will open on education cannot be postponed..