This Undercover Boss worked a week disguised as a trainee, watch what happens next when he reveals his real identity as CEO and rewards some of his employees...

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This Undercover Boss worked a week disguised as a trainee, watch what happens next when he reveals his real identity as CEO and rewards some of his...
How do you feel I'm doing good? It was great to spend some time with you. You got a really, you know hard work ethic. You're a really solid member of a strong team out there. I enjoy what I do. you're telling me about your polio polio. my mother had polio and when I was a baby 6 months old, you know that was a pretty amazing for me. Yeah, you were just getting on with life and it was to hear about your wife's help. She's got cancer breast cancer. I've been battling it for about 8 years now, and she must have pretty hard that long. he came out. Yeah not fun for anybody. So what? I'd I'd like to do or the company would like to do for you is that we'd like to get you and your wife away for a week and after an hour of came out and and we'd like to send you up to Port Douglas for a week on us and and just relax and you know enjoy enjoy yourself. it would mean a lot for us and and have it would mean a lot for you and your wife it would it would it would mean a lot for you? Yeah. Yeah. I'm sure you're maybe one of the things that we can do a more of a personal basis. Is we find ourselves a decent boat and we'll get it. Out there and just see if we can pull in a couple of decent fish and maybe make a day on the back in. I'm feeling right now because it's just you got me there though, because it does work the undercover boss isn't it. Thank you very much. It's a pleasure. I think the work will be ready tonight. Now, we're gonna have a week you and I in Port Douglas. I think it mean a lot for her just just her and I have a bit of time. Hey, we're going fishing with him on a real bite. Oh awesome. Derek You're absolutely about your belief and that plan and we need to get the message that we don't want the contamination in there and what it does to the site. So we'd like your help with an educational Dvd. You know the good news story that it is yeah. I think that would be that would be sensational and we'd like you to also sell that message. So we want you to put in that short video and we want you to go out and explain why people need to stop doing what they do. so. I'm just stoked that you both to come and have a look. Let me tell you we are interested. Yeah. we're seriously interested and we're gonna make it work so we're gonna. Up and make it work. That's excellent. It's all good news. It's good news. That's the business side of it, but then the thing that's the second big passion is your surfing and we've got a $1000 that we'd like to put towards picking the sort of board that you'd really like to be out there cruising the waves on Oh, I love it. I love you for that excellent. That's fantastic. That's fantastic. He's gonna promote your business. That's all I really ask is I feel that we do what all the environmentalists and the government and everyone asks if Peter promotes us. That's all you really need to do and we'll be a success from that.

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