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All for one .And one for all My dear. Long time no see all of you wear these outfit Like we were played play when we were young. But now you are more handsome than then. It's time to go .
Wait please Mom told that we must wait her. I'm ready You are beautiful Very pretty How's about me? You are very charming. Like as queen. Thanks. I rarely pretend to be young like this If I am beautiful, I'm ready to go to grand mansion You can't go. Because there is another one. Who? Jaroy.. Is she going to wear compete against master and royal? I hope she won't dress like me I'm ready. Oh my goddess. look like Mhom's twin It's coincident. I didn't mean. I think we should hurry to go. I want to help at party Will you go to help or show yourself? I'll help I will help serving water to guests It's alright if you server only water. But If you serve tea and coffee don't add your milk in them ( In Thai word Breast can call Nom same as Milk) As I seen , you may spill out your milk
so that you don't left any drop to feed your child. Khun Toh, Mhom is disparaging me again. Oh my gosh! I can't say anything to disparage her without her acting like a leading lady in Thai Lakorn. All right We shall go. Not yet. What else are we waiting for Mhom? Weather tonight is very cold I think it's better for you to cover yourself up. You will have pneumonia I don't want to, otherwise people won't see. It's been a long time since I've shown it off. What? What are you pick to show? It's my diamond necklace Your dad has given me since our married day. It's been a long time since I've worn this, I use to have many. Remember? Why it remain only this ? Because I opened gambling house so It's normal to lose it. Let's go. Don't say too much Let's go Let's go son Let's go You told that mom look like queen. What queen? Red queen of heart. You like to play card so that her face look like red queen. Khun Lek I have to go The pot calls the kettle black? I'm representative on behalf of Dad prince and mom. Thank you ja. Give my best regards to your dad Thank you. Mhom, have you seen Yingkoy today? Yes. Today YingGoy has special show for Sadej.
She has practiced for 1 week And I also saw 'Ting' a journalist who is YingGoy's bestfriend Virongrong only came to help YingGoy dressing. In fact I don't wanna the outsider come here I'm afraid she may write news from my party's situation I already warned her. Oops..Breast break You should say ' flow over the edge' more Hello.Your,highness You are beautiful ,Mhom Aumpan ,Jaroy Yes,your highness You are same so I can't know who is Mhom or Daughter-in-law My 3 nephews. What dress are you wear? All for one and one for all. 3 Musketeers You are Sadej's favorite one. Sadej are just kind to everyone Do you know who am I? Whoever you are , you will receive best welcome. It's not like that Khunying only used to be someone of Vuttivej palace. You also come here? Yes. But I don't think that you will come. Why ? Because you used to scream and announce
that you never come here in your life. Khunying is Sadej 's close relative. Why can't she come here? Even though the outsider like you still come . I come to show our loyalty not show envy So what? I think you come to show goods for someone buy Because since I have come here , I always heard your aunt advertise your good. You may misunderstand Because I and my sister don't need to advertise ourselves It's not like someone which must advertise herself extreamly Because she has defect. Sa You!
Khunying Noble should not raise their voice
and point right at other person. Sa! Hurry to prepare ourselves it's nearly show time. Come on Sa! They are 2 shameless girls that you meant to? These two, the younger one has a smart mouth. Even though she's trying t steal Khun Rong from her older sister.

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