BB Ki Vines - New episode: HOLI PARTY Out on my channel 😂

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New episode: HOLI PARTY
Out on my channel 😂

Posted 8 months ago

BB Ki Vines 8 months ago

Full episode:

Fareed Naeem 8 months ago

Bruv dont know if its only me
But i am lokey vibing with this.😂

Sheeza Malik 8 months ago


Thakur Prarit Rajput 8 months ago

This 40 seconds songs is much better than whole Tony kakkar career 😂

Suman Mondal 7 months ago

No one can ever compete with BB, because he is in our hearts and competition always in our mind.💞💯

Sahil Chowdhury 8 months ago

It wasn't a great video you could do better than this

Tomal Roy 8 months ago

The most enjoyable part of today's episode. :3

Arnav Sharma 8 months ago

Bb is bb no one in the competition

Dêëpãk Kùmãr Mäñdāl 8 months ago

The legend is back👍

Ashiqui Riaz 8 months ago

Sir in the video that you use such bad language, your parents don't say anything to you?😂