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Rest In Peace Willie Chan (Jackie Chan's Former long serving Manager-cum-mentor)


It's quite saddening to hear the death of Willie Chan, Who was Jackie Chan's former long serving Manager-cum-mentor (From mid 1970s to late 2000s)

Willie Chan was instrumental in issuing amiable advices to Jackie Chan.
He remained as a Jackie Chan's Shadow for over 3 decades.
Jackie Chan & Willie Chan had forged an unbreakable bond.

In Majority of Jackie Chan's biographies, Authors wouldn't have failed to make a mention of Willie Chan.

The name WILLIE CHAN was just Synonyms with JACKIE CHAN

Indeed it's going to be a humongous and morale-shattering loss for Jackie Chan.
For Sure, Willie Chan's 'Good deeds' (To Jackie Chan) can never be diluted from Jackie Chan's mind.

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