LIVE: NTD Business News (Jan. 28)

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LIVE: NTD Business News (Jan. 28)

Posted 9 months ago in Social Issues

Jo-Anne West Lewis 9 months ago

The BELIEFS we FOCUS ON...we Assist to Make Happen... Where Attention Goes, Energy Goes! Energy Frequency speaks FAR LOUDER than Numbers!

Darin Smart 9 months ago

I still have my freedom of speech no Chinese or Korean or any other foreign country is going to take it from me

Gary Rhodes 9 months ago

Good that鈥檚 great news you need to post facts not conspiracy theories

Sandy Collins 9 months ago

Freedom of speech is gone, but not for the liberals

Jo-Anne West Lewis 9 months ago

ARE YOU YET AWARE that the US CORPORATION, which was formed in 1871, is NOW defunct since 2019, and there is an OPPORTUNITY to return to ONE PARTY SYSTEM of GOVERNMENT, which will be BY the PEOPLE, OF the PEOPLE,k and work FOR the PEOPLE! NEWS is only worthy when it Reveals the TRUTH about what is going on. THIS hasn't happened for decades...unto hundreds of years.

Annette Morrison 9 months ago

Larry I agree with you. Just wait Alice and see what else is going to happen. Do you still have your job? In one hour 10,000 lost theirs

Sam Smith 9 months ago

Keep up the office news reporting forget about the trolls that hang around the bathroom stalls never on here. They like to sniff people like their president.

Sonni Pearl Herron 9 months ago

"THEY " Don't think "we" can handle the truth of 1871 - 1999
The Republic is at stake beyond the Corporation's agenda for us as citizens of this great nation.

Jennifer Taylor 9 months ago

Maybe change NTD acronym to the words people will remember to access it.

Carolyn Rue 9 months ago

Amen Sharriee!! Trump has killed a lot of innocent people with his lies about the virus. Throw his a** in jail along with all of his stupid allies