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這個月已經沒有錢可以支付醫療費和飼料了。我們四月 的醫療費已經超過60萬(重大手術,藥物,獸醫院寄宿)。這都是善良獸醫慷慨折扣後的費用。這樣的花費還不包括我們日常買的飼料、水、薪資、交通、清潔...等。




We have hit a major crisis and we so desperately need our supporters help!!

Just in the last few months we have taken in over 80 dogs which has brought our total of dogs to care for well over 100. Many of these dogs have had to have major surgery or medication for heartworm and other problems.
We have no money to pay for our vet bills this month or buy dog food for the dogs.
Our vet bills for April are in excess of NT$600,000 as we have not only had major surgeries, medication, but also had to board dogs for observation and because we have had nowhere else to place them. Even with the generous discount from out vets, the bills total over NT$600,000. This amount does not include day to day expenses such as food, water, salaries, cleaning, transportation etc.

Please help us help them. Please donate today. Every little helps. We need to raise over NT$600,000 just to get us through to the end of May.

We don’t sleep with worry. We don’t know how we are going to help these dogs in our care or the countless of messages from people who want us to help with dogs they have or have found.

Please Donate! Please share! Please help!
戶名: 社團法人台灣瑪莉愛狗協會
永豐銀行 (807)
忠孝東路分行 101-018-0003313-8

Paypal: [email protected]


Account name: Mary’s Doggies Association
Account number 101-018-0003313-8 (code 807 )
Bank name: Bank SinoPac

Overseas Donations – Bank Information:
Account name: Mary’s Doggies Association
Account number : 101-008-0027027-8
Bank name: Bank SinoPac
Swift code : SINOTWTP (for overseas transfers)

Paypal: [email protected]

If you need a receipt, please go to our website and go to the upper right corner button 匯款通知 and send us your mailing details.

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