'There's No Mystery to This': John Kerry Talks to NowThis About Environmental Justice

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‘The folks who are the most hurt are the folks who are the poorest’ — John Kerry discusses the ways aggressive climate action can also benefit frontline...

Posted 10 months ago in Politics

Joyce Glasgow 10 months ago

Why does this seem like Deja Vu to me, like it's the same speech from years ago!

Sal Bronkitwiz 10 months ago

Is he going to give up his private jet?

Vincent Lord 10 months ago

John Kerry is washed up and out. He's a damn commie.

Sally Kimsey 10 months ago

Retroactive injustices of what exactly???

Derek Estill 10 months ago

The crisis is liberals and democrat fascists...you cannot stop nature.

Dominic Oghuma 10 months ago

We listen for indigenous wisdom,use their keys..."the voice of my ancestors said to me the shinning water that moves in the stream and rivers is simply not water but blood of your grandfather 's grandfather. ....you must give to the rivers the kindness you will give to any brother" chief SEATTLE in a message titled Bro eagle and sister Sky.you won't dump pollutants in a family member backyard...Common ground on the Hill movement exemplified this with All traditions town hall meetings meetings of various group such as Native American, Celiac, African American,Asians,Latinos .Appalachian. .people close to the earth ,like the legendary Senator rightly say not those out to make Big business out of issues they are not passionate about Only to make money out of it...It not need big,big science degree to concerned about your backyards❤

Charles Ito Kahiko Fualaau 10 months ago

say and do anything to get more Dark Matter! stay focus on the life after this one because there is a begin and end to everything on this earth. God bless America and the world as we know it.

Greg Andejeski 10 months ago

He is complaining that through hard work, despite school TRYING to educate students, that children succeed on the shoulders of their parents sacrifice. That is the silver spoon speaking.

Then, the talk about diesel trucks going through the Bronx. Diesel truck deliver most things. Mr Kerry is an idiot.

Diane Farner 10 months ago

See there's a few laughing hyenas left.

Kevin Stout 10 months ago

Didn’t he go bankrupt and loose the Heinz company in Pittsburgh yea he knows what he’s doing