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Pamela Gagnon, 13th in the Masters Women 40-44 division at the 2017 Reebok CrossFit Games and CrossFit Gymnastic Seminar Staff member


🔺A bunch of questions based off photo I posted from a few days ago. How to get better at rope's a great start for conditioning 🙌🏼

▪️Today's focus is on grip strength and hip/core strength. All very necessary to pull knees close to hands when using legs to climb...and of course for legless too.


▪️Jump up so top arm straight & bottom arm slightly bent.
▪️do a strict #TTB on top on left side of rope - then repeat on right side of rope (rope will swing a little bit try not kip into it)
▪️Then reach w bent arm so that is not on top (& straight) and repeat ttb cycle.
▪️How many sets x reps can you maintain?

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