Highlights | LFC 2-0 Crystal Palace | 2021

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Two goals, a clean sheet and a 𝒗𝒆𝒓𝒚 important three points 🙌

Last time we faced Crystal Palace Football Club ⏪⚽️

Posted 2 months ago in Sports

Emil Yankov 2 months ago

Мо, the weakest player of the team - the only thing is that he is running fast, nothing else and besides - absolute egoist. As a whole well done for the good game!

Thabo Louw Shawn 2 months ago

Let's keep going lads

Y'all need to keep on putting extra energy till the last day so we become victorious

Ynwa ❤

Rwabanda II Richard Mugisha 2 months ago

We need to score more goals in order to get more motivated

Peter Currie 2 months ago

That is the mane we need to turn up

Anirban Paul 2 months ago

Just like last time this is going to be an important match. We need to keep the momentum going 💪💪💪💪

Wizzy Yusufu 2 months ago

Sala he got problem always he don't want to score himself

Nwosu Chibueze Mathew 2 months ago

We will come out with the 3 point by the grace of God

Stuart Cunliffe 2 months ago

i'd do a cuckoos nest take the ball, put the ball in the basket...still say miss too many, all of you, nerves ain't good are they, i know , been good so far this season, just play the game, put it on a plate or score, don't be greedy, been fantastic so far

Carlson Chan 2 months ago

Crystal Palace beat Spurs last week. They have new striker Edouard that Liverpool must be aware of. Edouard was very clinical against Spurs. Definitely he wants to prove himself again against Liverpool.

Lu Naira Du 237 2 months ago

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