Kapamilya Daily Mass

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Watch the Kapamilya Daily Mass today. August 27, 2021

Posted 5 months ago in Religion & Spirituality
Luchi Goco
Luchi Goco5 months ago

For safety, healing and protection of all our families and medical frontliners specially for my son. Amen.

Evangie Tiamzon
Evangie Tiamzon5 months ago

lord always thank you for protecting my family .in jesus name amen

Sabordo Sustituya Marjorie
Sabordo Sustituya Marjorie5 months ago

Thank you Lord .. 😇😇❤
Your My Saviour, My King, My man, My Father, My Everything. Amen😇😇❤❤

Rhea Surabia
Rhea Surabia5 months ago

Lord please help to my wife and my family in jesus name amen

Jhon Eversole Calaguian Fontanos
Jhon Eversole Calaguian Fontanos5 months ago

THank you lord for the guidance and protection for my family

Albert Manuel
Albert Manuel5 months ago

Lord thank for the blessing, lord protect me and my family from danger amen

Elizabeth Salvador
Elizabeth Salvador5 months ago

Lord Guide for my family thank for all the blessing

Marissa De Leon Narciso
Marissa De Leon Narciso5 months ago

Lord thank you for all the blessings. Forgive our sins and heal the world. Amen 🙏🙏🙏