Watch: Sacramento Pays 150K In Botched Officer Idle Car Arrest

Freedom Media Canada • 2 years ago   380     196  •  31.7K Views
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Watch: Sacramento Pays 15K In Botched Officer Idle Car Arrest

On May 4, 2018, Craig Williams left his car running in the parking lot of a 7-11 store, an...

Roger Trotto
Roger Trotto2 years ago

QUALIFIED IMMUNITY has to go, see these power hungry freak cops that do dumb shit like this would not be doing these illegal acts if they are personally held responsible, in other words bad cops will start doing the job by the law.

Elana Martin Taylor
Elana Martin Taylor2 years ago

What is wrong with these cops. And apparently no one sees the violence chaos havoc that they needlessly cause. Nationalist cops. And bigotry.

Roy Prance
Roy Prance2 years ago

Seen many with police officers leaving their cars running

Steve Mccall
Steve Mccall2 years ago

Old video I hope they got rid of this cop don’t need officers like him get rid of the union hold cops accountable make them carry their own insurance so the city counties don’t have to pay it

Paul Tumelty
Paul Tumelty2 years ago

Cops like this are a danger to all the decent police officers

David Shan
David Shan2 years ago

$15K? It is like pocket change. I will pay $30K to arrest the cops and lock then up in jail for 72 hours.

Susan Hunter
Susan Hunter2 years ago

Legitimate question,
Why doesn't anyone want to show ID? I'm not trying to be inflammatory, I really want to know why?

AJ Polski
AJ Polski2 years ago

Leave your car running get slammed whats the problem🤔

Dennis Broker
Dennis Broker2 years ago

TKO, cops do it all the time oh my bad cops are exempt from everything we’re not.

Dilpreet Singh
Dilpreet Singh2 years ago

Wtf is wrong with pigs in America? You got nothing better to do? Your egos are fucked up and if someone talks back to you! That’s it you lose your shitty! Bunch of sissys with badges and guns! Take that away you won’t last a fucking day! Fucking America!