Virginia Candidate Wants To Legalize Incest

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Virginia Candidate Wants To Legalize Incest | Facebook

Posted 3 years ago in Social Issues

Elizabeth Johnston 3 years ago

If you want to be sure to see my posts, please set me on “See First” like this...

James Sanheim 3 years ago

It’s coming the Bible says evil men and subducers shall wax’s worse and
worse .... not going to get better.

Sandi Treadwell Walton 3 years ago

Long time comment reader, first time commenter. I listened to the video a few times trying to wrap my mind around what he was saying. I was certain I misunderstood. I have so many question and a load of opinions about this....person. I’ll just leave it with this:
You can’t argue with crazy.

Jeralyn Wyatt 3 years ago


Hannah Welberry 3 years ago

Why is anyone surprised?! Isn’t the motto ‘love is love’ ? What sad times we live in 😔

Alicia Kushner 3 years ago

That right there is the devil speaking

Kylie Black 3 years ago

And it begins!!!
I said they'd try this!
.. last days people....

Kevin Brown 3 years ago

This guy is sick as hell and needs to be put on a watch list. Anyone voting for him on that same list also!

Ermelinda Rodriguez 3 years ago

Falls under their favorite argument 'love is love',
These ppl make me sick!

Melissa Metcalf 3 years ago

Anyone who would vote for this fool needs serious help!