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MJ5 #DanceChampions on STAR Plus EP 2

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Auto jumping and J five papa jeep does winter so Matthew took up, but good other keeping on their challenges. 14 point cutting cooks up challenges. What do you find to be in addition to selling is Mess up together the buy that special includes yeah because together connect ideas me, how a nathan, together dance basement so don't say those just baby, such but much no. I love it so the battle begins now Jay fuck America That was a I love and because well the unique stay ahead of the team that there are risks and get snow that could get that in styling and goes the nothing by nobody out there but bald is there and uh it's about really really good and uh buddy buddy buddy again be happy about those for a feeling that the uh they like balls down the uh that was, I could be there but the hubby come on side it's wagon, God look at the toward about doing cuz a people that their body come on now, save up Okay outside I got him because you, gotta just sticky Georgia get sing. Georgia don't you. I specially out of them Oh pepper compose they can find what they gift. The weapon with cut gotten. Your very smooth, very clean doctor finish hoping to end 75 you battle Yeah Congratulations. M to five off. Is the winners have object game with those old man

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