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The Pikens County Council holds a public hearing on an ordinance that will remove road fees from the County.

Posted 2 months ago in Politics

Joey Suttles 2 months ago

I think all of the people involved need to come together instead of blasting all this live and letting the world know that only caused mayhem. Every one wants to blame the next one especially all of the people who r employed by the state you guy r no diff then the next taxpayer. You all acct like 12 year ol kids. Find jesus and stop preaching and practice.

Rosevelyn Batson Cooper 2 months ago

It’s a shame the way this world is, and children have to give up their school years , their best years!

Brandy Martin Kilgen 2 months ago

They hear worse on the radio!

Mac Partridge 2 months ago

What video are they talking about