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The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Zeid Ra’ad Al...
Exciting. Thank you very much. Thank you, Commissioner, my name is do. I represent the inside the light television and the radio based in Washington dc London and amsterdam is formed by exact generous uh for the obvious reasons we can't work from there. Um mister Commission visited yeah um in may of 30 deadly published uh in which, by the difference on a Commission 669 people were killed and um I'm another things you demand An independent investigation into do it killing and also for the perpetrators to be brought to Justice and um and uh. You, your stuff as being uh I've been tonight access from your statement in June and none of your demands have been made by the government and inside and, if you're the human rights situation as worse indices since you visit the country um the Center the board to show that there is there has been a unique clashes Going going in the eastern part, uh which of the month is allegedly uh both sites and there's, so many and there are almost and um a very obviously a human rights crisis and if you want the why the international community's looking other way what's what's. What is your office gonna. Do um I mean all this crisis and we feel, for that country um thank you very much, sir America doing me to respond rather, is okay, but the when I visit the Um, I made uh made it clear that I want to sit on and speak to one of the leaders. Um all um the movement which creative um it sense of crisis in this year, but the crisis is back and has the seasons of new very one around and I was driven to remind Center where I spent 40 minutes uh is one of the principal position and they're open I mean they say they are position which falls outside of the inside of the coalition and we had a long talk and in my subsequent discussions with leadership of the country. Yes, you're right. I ask for access for my people to and a heart and we were not doing that access in 10 to go back in January we're. I who they will give me postman plus my team access at to those areas um and we need to there is there are signs That that could be opens in the country. I think there's enough of awareness that over knots two years the country could not to maintain itself along your current so the trajectory and that unless there was an opening up of the system and ability for people to exercise civil rights uh more open it the country was in peril. I was uh quite ps, encourage by a discussion between the Position outside the coalition and member of the of the routing project where it was so wrong that was so he said. I never seen anything like it. I mean it was genuine passionate arguments against been used against one another. So my hope is this is the country but 10 but we cannot jd in that direction and not sending the problems that it really faces and I'm very aware of it um. I but I would form a more conclusive opinion and picture after my trip in general and then later received an You thanks

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