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Here's an interesting fact about me most people don't know. The video below is how I listen (and retain) video. Years ago, one of my clients that was totally blind went from making nothing to making over 100k a month. I ask him to fly out and stay with me so I could help him more and I secretly wanted to understand how he was using the computer. He shared with me, has a program that reads the screen for him. As I sat next to him at my house, I noticed he was answering emails faster then anyone I have ever seen before. The only thing his software could not read was graphics. (I had fun with that, I told him his pictures were all naked women and that's why he was making so much money - he freaked out. So I had to tell him it was a joke) But, most importantly, the software read to him and he turned it up super fast and he understood everything. He told me if I practiced and trained my ears, I could do it too. I do, now I listen to things at 3x or more and it freaks people in my office out sometimes because I can tell them how to do something I didn't know a few minutes before by watching youtube videos very quickly. Anyway, watching faster is a great skill I think. This is the app I use:…/nffaoalbilbmmfgbnbgppjihopabppdk Anyway use that if you want to listen faster. To me it's all about speed but comprehension which is why I just did a webinar with my friend, Howard Berg, the world faster reader if you want to watch that here's the link. I particularly liked the memorization technique in the middle. If you watch it. Play with him when he asks because you'll get so much more out of it so don't put it on to fast speed hahahahha... enjoy the app and the replay! You rock!

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