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Fra's dance world
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close your eyes at the many mistakes i made and just enjoy these pretty cuts of #RedVelvet (#레드벨벳)'s #BadBoy choreography i covered, as you guys requested, for the korean community in italy! the event was so cool and there was plenty of food i couldn't eat because -as you can tell- i was feeling the worst ever and my stomach hurt like hell yet i still decided to dance it away 💄thanks a lot to the korean people here for always inviting me at these awesome cultural events and to each one of you guys who joined the poll in my IG stories♡! 저에게 초대해서 정말 감사합니다ㅎ 여러분들 위해 춤추는 좋아한다 다른 이벤트 곧 만나자 / filmed by the precious @krinfused who took care of everything♡

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