Butterbeer Mega Cake | Flavored Simple Syrup Recipes

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Hey Potterheads! ⚡️

This Butterbeer Mega Cake is a combination of vanilla cake with a cream soda simple syrup, iced with butterscotch fudge buttercream....

Posted 1 year ago

Sonia Blinks 1 year ago

I love watching her make cake and covering it..good job🤝🤝🤝🤝

Lekeshia Parker 1 year ago

Stop it!!!!! You are NOT making a harry potter cake....im done

Missy Traft Eddy 1 year ago

Im a huge Harry Potter fan! Love that butterbear cake!!

Scarlett Niyazi 1 year ago

Same sponge, same syrup, same buttercream and thick fondant every time.

Diana Matthews 11 months ago

Where r u located and how can I order a cake

Heather Scruggs 1 year ago

This is not for a butterbeer cake.... shows bee hive and graduation cap....

Alaoui Fatima Zahra 1 year ago

The ingredients of the cake please ❤️❤️🤩🤩🇲🇦

Gabriele Schneider 1 year ago

Need the cake recipe 🙈

Marcia Burden 2 months ago

Fabulous !! Love it ! Such artistic ability. That’s wonderful !

Melissa Martinez 11 months ago

What can I use for simple syrup?