China launches first breeding center of killer whales

China Xinhua News • 5 years ago   2K     42  •  45.2K Views
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China has launched its first killer whale breeding center. The facility is in Chimelong Ocean Kingdom in Zhuhai, south China's Guangdong Province. The...

Posted 5 years ago in Animals & Pets
Kevin Rose
Kevin Rose5 years ago

I'm surprised there not eating them once there fattened up.

Pat Man
Pat Man5 years ago

Let them go!

Debra Kowalski
Debra Kowalski5 years ago

Set them free were they belong

贾莲娜5 years ago


Martin Čížkovský
Martin Čížkovský5 years ago

What about to call them their origin name, Orca (orcinus orca)

Yan Vill
Yan Vill5 years ago

while japan and other rich countries slaughter thm even d small whales

Norman Velez
Norman Velez5 years ago

They were the biggest whale killers for the fat in the world until recently. Japan is still killing them by the dozens.

Oliver Wu
Oliver Wu5 years ago

Establish a breeding centre for Asian elephants.

Anna Kele
Anna Kele5 years ago

Robert Merle:Un animal doué de raison/ Édition Gallimard, Paris, 1967

Dawn Travis
Dawn Travis5 years ago

They haven't learned any thing from the experiences of Sea World???