Mexico: Visuals of Police officer set on fire during protest

WION • 2 years ago   174     32  •  5K Views
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A police officer in Mexico’s Guadalajara city was set on fire by protestors over the death of a man in custody. According to reports the police officer...

Nang Hoojon
Nang Hoojon2 years ago

Is that the solution ????? This is wrong ... horrible arrogant protestors ...

Mohammad Zaman
Mohammad Zaman2 years ago


Chandramathy Paul
Chandramathy Paul2 years ago

Aku Sir Please do Send Your Opinion Again Sir:

Madhukar Bhat
Madhukar Bhat2 years ago

Oh, this isn't the right way of protest.

Prem Raj Kannur
Prem Raj Kannur2 years ago

Violence can't solve breeds more hatred

Sandra Chicas
Sandra Chicas2 years ago

That is horrible.

Chandramathy Paul
Chandramathy Paul2 years ago

Blacks Can Loot "Riot And Can Kill Shame Shame Shame"

Lotus Vajra Acharya
Lotus Vajra Acharya2 years ago

Oh no! It’s seeking justice by injustice.

Sk Hmar
Sk Hmar2 years ago

Failure on the part of the law enforcing agencies, so say

Nuvi T Ray
Nuvi T Ray2 years ago

Respect the men in uniform