Brother of Trapped American in Afghanistan

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Brother of Trapped American in Afghanistan: My Sister Will Be Killed on the Spot if the Taliban Sees Her Passport

Posted 3 months ago in Crime & Tragedy

Hananya Naftali 3 months ago

This is on Biden

Mounir Beshay 3 months ago

How the Democratic Party will say to the American people??? This is the most shameful act been done to the people whom trust USA AND the American people whom now mourn they loved one they lost it in this war

Matthew Thomas Goodness 3 months ago

Thank our fearful leader.

Lisa Ann 3 months ago

How is this even possible?? Joe needs to step down. He is obviously not fit to run this country! And neither is Kamala who admitted she played a role in Afghanistan! This is ludicrous! 😡
Bring our Americans home! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Peggy Wiegert 3 months ago

This was handled so badly. Biden, you were to busy changing everything that Trump had in place that you were not even on top of this situation. Sending the few troops that we had there home was the number 1 bad decision. Get rid of your generals. Boo on them if they are helping you make this such a mess. This was totally unorganized. You had can never trust a terrorist. What were you thinking???????

Janai Buc 3 months ago

This is beyond horrific ! The administration needs to be held accountable and punished at the highest level. They are now rescuing afghans and leaving behind our own..shameful. you all have blood on ur hands.
I'm not opposed to saving afghans who helped the us, but for God sake get our people out. They will b tortured and killed.

Vicky Kellum 3 months ago

What an embarrassment to our country.

Dan Graham 3 months ago

Disgusting to see our enemies using American weaponry and wearing US uniforms….

Joyce McDuffie Sharpe 3 months ago

I have extreme compassion for those refugees who sincerely want to leave Afghanistan to come to America, but I can't help wondering how many Ilhan Omar's are in the group. How many of these same people will come here at the American Taxpayer's expense to live on Gov checks and hate us and want us to die?

Gboyega Adeogun 3 months ago

Those liberal Leftist Democrats who believe that America is irredeemably evil should be sent to Afghanistan in exchange for those Americans and Afghans SIP behind the Taliban line who are thirsty for Freedom that America offers. It's important that they learn the real meaning of evil as opposed to the nonsense been taught on liberal college campuses