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Watch the video for the SECRET to perfect fried rice every time!
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Posted 5 years ago in Food & Drink

Kathy Lee 5 years ago

I make my fried rice this way all the time. However, I would replace the sausage with ham, leftover roast chicken or SPAM--the meats should be cubed or diced. Add a coupla squirts of sriracha for some heat.

Patrick Siu 5 years ago

The secret to great fried rice is to use overnight cooled rice. Don't use fresh, hot rice unless you use a lot of oil to cook out the moisture. The cool rice is dried and the starch is less likely to stick onto your pan.

Lorie Chmiel 5 years ago

Yum yummy

Melissa's Southern Style Kitchen 4 years ago

Yasssss please!

Sara Smale 5 years ago

Dec Smale !

Debra McGuire Williamson 4 years ago

Made it for dinner, awesome! Added sautéed onions, cooled cooked rice in fridge for 30 mins, came out perfect! Thanks for the recipe!

Pamela Watts 5 years ago

I learned how to make it in Hawaii from an old Okinawan grandma of a patient I cared for and she used a Whole big head of Garlic minced, cooked with the onion and other veggies . She also used fine chopped Spam as the meat because that is what is really popular in the Pacific islands . it's a hold over from WWII . Canned meats was a staple food and Still popular to this day !

Danny Curlin 5 years ago

The best fried rice I have ever had has been at Thai or Vietnamese restaurants in the past . I don't know how they make it , but it is always to die for and not doused with heavy soy sauce or that brown stuff that always makes Chinese food taste the same or generic .

Connie Bierman 5 years ago

You post really good stuff.

Nyssa Arielle Ceja 4 years ago

no... just no. no seasoning, sausage isn't even brown, misuse of shrimp... *sigh* to each his own but i will slap a friend if they ever served me this.