KAMISAMA HAJIMEMASHITA... - Kamisama Hajimemashita II

Kamisama Hajimemashita II • 5 years ago   5.7K     640  •  135.8K Views
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Sorry for the late and sorry, bcuz some part of the video got no sound because of the copyright.

Posted 5 years ago in TV & Movies
Caryl Donaire
Caryl Donaire6 months ago

My god I was super excited in OVA 4 what will happen next now I already miss this

Jadeleen Alexis Cacao
Jadeleen Alexis Cacao1 year ago

Omg this saved me from depression over finishing all the seasons. Oh how I love the Japanese always delivering and giving us more instead of hanging us in the balance 馃ズ馃挅

Ivy Joy Ba帽as
Ivy Joy Ba帽as1 year ago

So Nanami is actually the first and only woman he fell in love with. He mistook her for Yukiji since Nanami didn't tell her real name.

Sarah Kelly Fallentine
Sarah Kelly Fallentine10 months ago

So I'm not satisfied. Like Akuraou was still planning something??
There's more in the manga!!! I wanna WATCH IT!!!