BREAKING: Travel traffic light system scrapped

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BREAKING: A major relaxing of travel rules for people coming in and out of England have been announced.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps says he wanted...

Posted 1 month ago in Politics

Nicole Roos 1 month ago

What About South africa. It not just about getting a half term holiday. you are keeping famalies seperated!

David Knapp 1 month ago

The new travel rules are a joke!
Indonesia, the country where my family is has always been amber, now it's turned red under the new guidelines. Yes I'm double jabbed and so is my wife. Nearly 2 years have past without seeing my wife and daughter and now there's no chance of going this Christmas.
News from the Indonesian government is that their borders will be opening very soon to UK travelers, but now the UK government has put them on the red list!
[email protected] typical 😡😡😡

Sue Brown 1 month ago

South Africa remains RED why??

Rossano Giunti 1 month ago

Keeping #southafrica on the #redlist is a kick in the teeth for 1.5 million South African tourism workers who were relying on UK visitors this spring. There isn’t a shred of scientific evidence to support keeping South Africa on the red list and the only conclusion left is that the UK government has an irrational fear of South Africa which is prejudicing decision-making. The UK government needs to urgently reconsider this classification to avoid irreparable harm to a relationship with a key ally and trading partner. #SouthAfricaisTravelReady

Thomas Alan Robertson 1 month ago

Needed a token African country so selected Kenya. Fewer Kenyans would be traveling to UK than South Africans. Not an honest system at all.

Louise Bamber 1 month ago

Really? Does Boris know how weak our rand is? So still a money making ruse for the 10 day quarentine. Come on Borris put your Christmas hat on and remove South Africa off your red list.

Amy Mckie 1 month ago

Just in time for the boosters coming out, so they can blame the holidays when cases increase more and not the booster jab...

Carole Taylor 1 month ago

Seems like you have to pay for a lateral flow test now on return to the UK ..seems odd as I have them in my cupboard ready to use!

Barry Moult 1 month ago

75% down on travel
Furlow about to end
No 1 will be going anywhere if they keep the lies up

Jonny Edwards 1 month ago

So it will still be expensive for school half term because they will still need day 2 PCR test. One last attempt to rob the people before they can’t get away with it anymore. Should all be changed on the same date and let family’s go and enjoy them self