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Motor Aircooled Billet, gerenciado por uma FuelTech FT600 nas mãos de Tony Fueltech, pilotado por Teddy Figueroa
Projeto inovador e montado em Porto Rico...
Hello my name is Tony field think. I'm from motor sports and we're here in Puerto Rico. We, wanna show you a very special project. Hi. My name is baby. I'm the owner of the welcome bro you 54 volkswagen bug full chassis car from engine rear wheel, drive set up liberty, transmission basically, we got a position terrible duo ball very any two millimeter 15 hundred horsepower and it for the water cooler, one of the unique things about this project and one of the things that I really like about it's the sign this a technical with you guys can see here it's an all filling intake manifold. You guys might be thinking okay. Why ability, medical because we're expecting over 15 hundred Horse power out of this and we also have a line to make that which basically, what it will do is it will take the the cold water from the inner corner and they will also coleen take animal um. This is the first time they have been done, especially on the saying use this was a prototype that they will be sign just for teddy and it's something that we will be testing soon in the dyno and we know the benefits of it, book. We are very impressed with the quality of the work the headers they're, all stainless steel they're made here locally in photo vehicle by H Fabrication works begin to some. We are using our the atomizer injectors five thousand cc injectors here we go using able okay so I think that's gonna be more than enough. You'll also supply our horse power level. The buy system that we are using is the newer food pick up the 600. You and it is a complete dash built in hutch screen don't be displaying one of the reasons why we went to the field faith was because I'm a drag racing car I wanna be able to utilize all the features we're gonna be using the traction that you'll gonna be using the bulls control nighters control of the Dangerously gonna be using the luck of hundred of the adjustable clutch. This is the best system that it's out there for drag racing we've been using the system for a long, long time and this is the newest model and this is one of the first vehicles here in Puerto Rico to pass the system. Thank you to all the people that have been following also in the last year to the page people feel Mexico so many copy poli panama people from Spain Germany, Australia and then on baby basically, they acting above the pro it and we are very, very anxious to have these gone in importantly me, a lot of fans in the us that are helping those customize barb's but these operator basically is the first time that something like this has been available getting in the us and put the legal and we can saving the world. We wanna get this price as soon as possible and we appreciate All the letter said, the mail. Thank you guys have been sending over to us. Thank you very much for your your time

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