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Who in government is accountable for #DelhiRiots ?
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mister Yogendra Yadav you've written a very interesting piece saying that this was a right waiting to happen and you questioned the the institutions in particularly the role of the police and the political administrative leadership you believe this was a right waiting to happen because the institutions have promoted the climate of hate on the ground and therefore they are in their their own own way way responsible responsible for for for what what what is is is happened happened happened and and and when when when I I I say say say institution institution institution I I I also also also include include individuals individuals who who had had those institutions the larger point is that we now have an ecosystem in place where rights of this kind violence of this kind can happen even without being triggered from the top and that's the most dangerous single ah the evidence the primary facie evidence against our counsellors seems to be serious of course he should be booked of course Pathan's of the world who given those speeches should be booked but and of course the Aam Aadmi Party government performance on this particular issue is embarrassing to say the the least least but but let let all all all this this this not not not de distract distract from from the the real real big big elephant in the room is the of this government the central government the home minister the police leadership yes we can talk about police leadership yes we can say the police commissioner is probably the biggest joke that we had in the name of a police commissioner in the history of Delhi police but who has appointed him who has given him a extension this is the question of political leadership political will Rajdeep the real issue is that over the last few years specially last few months in the city of Delhi they has been so much poison has been poured into the city not nearly Kapil Mishra Kapil Mishra these are these are small players were trying to emulate mister Yogi Adityanath because they see career opportunities there the real issue is there is so much of hatred has been pushed injected into the city then there are these petty political players who know that there is a career opportunity poor fellows they are trying to build a career in a party where the only way to build a career is to do things of of this this kind kind so so they they are are just just trying trying to to get get a a career career and and we we have have a a police force which has been told in no uncertain terms right JNU was the final evidence if you needed any that please learn to look away which is what they have learnt so so you should we expect after that so you will mind the real thing is to acknowledge that right from the top there is a building of an ecosystem of violence that those are very serious comments to make and very troubling in a way but Najeeb Jung as a former LKG I must ask you this two days ago you are on my show where you said you saw administrative incompetence and you fear as well do you stick by that do you believe by that old adage that if the police had wanted they could have stopped this right if the political administrative leadership that wanted they could have stopped the right no right to occurs without either the complicity of incompetence of the political and police leadership or both Rajdeep two days ago when you ask me yes I said I was sad today I am angry four days have gone thirty-eight lives ah I have incompetence of this kind ever I worked forty four years in the system this is incompetence unparalleled so Yogendra has said absolutely the right thing that Delhi has never never seen a more incompetent police commissioner I fail to understand why he has not been sent on leave he retires at the end of the month I am saying that is the lesson that must go to the police that you may be be retiring retiring but but we we will will punish punish you you because because you you are are incompetent incompetent a and four days before he he transferred for DCP's that job should be done by the man coming in after him he has no business transparent these people at this stage of his career so so do you see individual failure due to see institutional failure no this is large institutional failure when the DCP was injured in the in the stone pelting yes and he any landed up in hospital with a serious injury there was complete complete I shall I say ah lack of leadership the men on the ground didn't know what was happening they were not guided and of course then subsequently comes in the complicity that you actually have men in uniform joining stone pelters in in throwing stones this is not acceptable in the national capital of India I mean Delhi is not a facial town stashed away in some distance state

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