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Members of SistaazHood Trans Sex Workers, sit down with artist Elijah Ndoumbé to discuss the violence they experience every day as Trans Women in sex...
I just believe that this is something that I couldn't leave undocumented calls the. My story can change the outcome for other people. I would run that you know cause this is that's gonna. Do enough so much was this. Could have been a few in just close inner of up or down. I could have died thing water that been I will, on my way to a tuck shop. I want to have it about put a from mid morning. Snack so and I had the snake and I go back home, but I'm working on the side of this God that's immigrant give going to the same side walking I'm like yeah and this but this cookie not see, but I'm not focus was God I'm holding on for them. It my own thoughts and the others feel this it's dump on my body and I'm like, what it I'm busy eating in this guys don't bring stopping me and I'm a good looking and hand what's up in here and then I'm seeing, but this guy it's knees bad me on my shoulder go with the school that means that and then my mom would lane and with an I was Beach because this was in broad day light in my community. What I love what I do up with this, not even supposed to act In without me, okay, let's begin this guy going this prison nothing and so we see no evil kill be black me because we don't belong. No good oh okay and I'm scared that point and so my goal back. I go back to my House walking my pic three almost growing and I tell my mother about this and she when the dating med not even know what to do, a It ships to getting over was just a bundle of emotions. I couldn't make anything from they'll deal from in what in the world that being in your why is this happening in the three foot venturing in the day. Like in my community, do me and do what, if this and I couldn't make, make it seem the eating of this so I went to the hospital. They did that has been I win do I have to go and get treatment for the even beaten to no avail ended and get three committed or and I know with my mid and pos because I couldn't old I'm living far from the Committee from the hospital. Okay. So I couldn't go from the leggings. They like otherwise will be another happening happening to where I wouldn't be sitting here with you today, so I wanna go home until the day. I even didn't even have a brain to look for this, but what is that Owning With my communities, this of stood for what happened to me. We have allowed what happened to me. Um. If I am somebody's child somebody's mother, somebody's brother somebody's, Justice and I part of this community and my book of this world do I make things. Do I actually exist in this community um embodied portend in this community do I belong Those up question is going through my mind now and I have one answers. I need on the schools this is my life. I don't have another one of my kids about nine. I go to one and I need, on now um before it's too late course I've got this live and if it's got, if gotta it's meaningful to me, I was going on a I was going to speak the belief hello. You know so. I'm just trying to wrap my head around this plane Um my life, this cause the bruises. This guys show them. Um. What happens only the reminder of what happen to me. Who I am and my doing, it right in my is the world's accepting me in my doing a called unity in my other the woman that I know myself and I am is everybody seeing that woman that I am how I see myself um all those things always appear in my woman enough. You, my my and that always go with them. We ever gold in my way, my yo am I am they call me a fest the lady, you see because I was the first to wear the dress in my community, like in my location, should I say the whole community in fact, if anybody sees me like I'm building with no big mama so I was the first woman who Well, I mean it was a fifth trunks to work dress at school. I used to pass alerts as a woman. You see of which sometimes I still do not depend on what I am wearing you see and I don't have to put on a lot of makeup ocean is it I used to not to have to put on a lot of makeup in order to convince and mended I am a woman It is sometimes really really really hard and especially when you are at six wicca because you have to convince his sometimes you have to tell you see and then sometimes uh uh, because you see that um there's no other. We that I can do my usual I'm trick you see so I have to tell this one. Maybe he might want to, maybe he might not so they've been incidence. We I've been told out of a car by clients because of what I told the client or maybe when I was busy doing my job, like us usual like my services and then boom client Find out, oh clients. I told the kinds of the client told me it's okay. I, like you, just the way you are I'm gonna try it out and then you do. The business and then he takes his money back. This incidents way. I got raped by text and drive some wing Cape town drink um. This job I've been beaten almost Always good uh, I just passed away, was inflating for. They took me to this place and then uh the stripped off my clothes. Um played with my private parts, defining things in my private parts. Uh they raped me. They make me you know more slows down procedures of being God oh, you don't have to talk about And if you want to you don't need you, wanna do so. Okay guys still outside with what they do to me. It was a hate crime and it just this was never fully done. You see because I remember the magistrates, um sink. I lived them on. I don't understand how I let them on but um okay that's. What happened And I always wanna touch my face and feel that yeah that um the bubble or should I see uh what it is can still feel. It. I can still food is always in every mind up and I still got that reminder hit ease in my face Hello This is have a knife. You have the gun have many minutes. Things try to give chance to win my and a life is not that busy he's that definitely was you want truth. You shoot to me and my country was thinking kidding me don't kidding me. This is they won't. I get them the They go, he shouldn't need to best he five member my safe ice oh my God and good. Does he love me because I don't die whether thinking maybe one day now you find member that seem that but this is like uh alright. I pass on my damage for my birthday, even me uh is in this yeah is it planned. You to me Even in my face just I have the damage you have the Mark. If I put on makeup doing people to see is all there purpose. I get pretty clowns, because I'm not a woman I'm trying to gym mom. You see you I'm not your woman now today you're going to see your cores. They put in to be a woman and I said no. I like girls kind of the guys you take me boy Oh, you take me my great but my claws, if my private part, two guys either pink me two guys. They don't give my son I'm not the one city believing me of a dozen single. You sure meeting the cores. You put tend to be a woman. You want to be. It will mind it to me now show you more money Recording in mind you, like to nice to be six guys. You make me this finished. It may take all my cross my phone, my money. He really push all the naked was around on this girl, come to my sick baby, but I've hit, but then they walking in the Street. I see they White to guys. I was a graduate of right the core and they will they be asking me see what what what's open I Sunday guy pick me Uh we did pretty you take my everything you know. I don't even mean it's cool. I don't do the fun trendy bodies become take me home. You want to get a trendy part is that 40 see come. They take me on the bus to Ny. I do what did you do for the guy. I said no. They got picking me up the family picking me up. You did come in. They could lacking me, take my Everything or my stuff now I don't do anybody's game us to go up in that gave was new. I backside. I said not comfortable or publication course. I don't know if you guys you are my open to give. I don't know that guys because I was like I'm dying you know this pain because it's for guys and I don't even see their face done even the name I don't even the number pick for the car right oh Boys to take me home that morning I go for the duck ties. Jake my board, I was right there. Alright don't in the program and I was careful. Thank to my I'm not being business growth. If I remember even some ground, if you still for me, I comfortable for planned cause. I have that I didn't have the tanga. I scared is my God, maybe he open again to me again for my safe in There's something beside Jason going out for a remember. I scared. I see maybe just thinking going looking game for my safe, maybe this big think I'm kidding me

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