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The Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force has implemented several strategies in an effort to minimize the incidents of crime across the...
The royals and bin some tampa dames believes force mandate is to maintain law and order in something sometime. The grenadines. This year in crime, violence has been taken Center stage recently today. I'm joined by the deputy Commissioner of police calling John and the officer in charge of the criminal investigations Department the criminals record office and the major crimes unit superintendent with J cups lady gentleman, good evening and welcome to a program of the idea and service Superintendent jacob, let's start with you where are we as it relates to crime and violence incidents in town. The grenadines two days we have go to Dream models included in saint vincent and the grenadines and not stand. We have 14 cases of morning through. We caught it. What we're doing this year. We have trained over one most best to ensure that we did not meet that might be this time. We are walking From the block to ensure that we have every system in place to ensure all that that is not like that we are not happy with the present situation and I didn't know what a real and as a result, we are working on. We have we can show that we do whatever is required to ensure that we have the situation of crime and violence under control incentives offended needs deputy Commissioner. What is the response of the police force as it relates to the rights and gun related crimes in particular the wrestling with another brand new What is was we have to win this to prevent these pegs specifically the more this are so to pretend divorces. Who's coming these motors. We also put in things in please to um prevent crimes like these from a card we are walking along with the chamber of Commerce don't of getting visit Tv. I wrong where many kingdom To help in the detection of grains and that we got we uh you know advance stage of that. Um. I remember the love and come on. We also training for the services and become the forensic just follow three simple somebody says from here, join me. Neither where the under book training in friends, together and on the um improve us of friends like everything. This with outdoor levied four witnesses were, I see witness is a false without to come forward and see what okay the witness this incident not with Sunday, not we have things in place for four sms who me witness something rare for them to give information to the parties information that we are sure them. That will be kept in strictest Strip. This confidence and off my face tour with the court be a fucking, things in place where the witness special images were portions can give Everything's either behind a screen, all the can't even in the extreme cases, give everything on on the monthly in court and is accepted adjustable someone dog double. I know, for a fact that, on my more the that could be somewhere in King stone the fourth and the men witness in mother. They give everything's via um and on with me and foam, to be doing from an under Rose location, the identity of who give the evidence was not this close to the force and um I give the food and giving them um the nothing to know who this person and what that give everything I think. What, if one of the problem and we not um sense of faith in the public enough on things that are in place to protect them when going to giving evidence when come to assistant in serving the credit situation, since it's gonna be use you just said something I think that is very important And that is the issue of confidentiality. Superintendent jacobs I'm sure um you supposed to responsible directly for the major crimes unit with 12 to speak to this and really make an appeal to persons that there is nothing to faith. If you are to share information about something you have seen or witnessed I'm going to my show the public that there is nothing to be afraid of. if You have information useful information. Nothing a system to solve enough. Any crime to give into any member of the means of removing it as a mother of fact, you can give it to any member of the Royal symptoms and 10 credit inspires fourth annual. Sometimes people from 10 to 10 listen things like you put this is not the country in job but you have to figure possum. You have to be a people you're going to whatever pretty station Central body station April, you choose to give and you give your information and I gonna show you that once you give that information to us, we will ensure Battle that information, your identity is protected information because in district of confidence, so you don't have to worry that I get my information and I talk, but you also have to be mindful that when you give your information that you yourself did not put this information in the way of the lead, but it's no, that you'll give this information to the police because you know from time to time, one of the give information to someone new want to see. I am um once above for giving us information on And you put yourself a twist so I want to encourage force us to give the information to the parties anybody's. That you choose and make sure that you did not disclose the information that you give to the ponies has been a position to protect your move in a position to protect yourself. How important it is for the public to collaborate with the police and sharing information. It is important very important, apart from um for thinking of Ride from any mother plus um is it I see, we depend on the sharing of information from the public so it is very important that members of the public shared information with buddies don't keep it to yourself and keep keep produce epic with noise any good of the Middle information you'll get to the parties. Might be responsible for associating a crying cocaine squid us a relative, a friend or someone with a poison, so we encourage voices on the time to give us information and share information With us, I am sure that a lot of persons will be concerned, deputy Commissioner and rightly so. Um. We are full the statistics to date. They come stands at 33, a hoe. Many of these are 33 cases have been solved. If the cough was from my regular chip yeah, I look up to is not um go to someone who is both of some of the crappy motors uh gram of pressure, some of the mothers uh We're in my open in surface killings, where persons just know that colon and human running shop for instant um of buffalo stool get them going on vacation and then someone and did a dip as a result of these um he's good but oh man can phone the gun related um mothers. These really really a walking soon because the public is of the perception the It's not see, for the resort of that, but from intelligence on um from the information that we've received a population of over 10000 it's less than a hundred both to really active in love in this um more than these you can, we know the made up with us the issue is getting everything's tool put before the court Charge them convict them and that is why I'm saying I'm really impressed on boston's. I cannot over emphasize the need for the public to come forward and give everything we have system with a system in place that can fit them in 50 don't up, there and see if they're ready to it from them today hmm I know for a fact that poor Those have been um give an opportunity to leave the country to with the country because of concerns that and everybody we also utilize in technology. So often is, can give everything from hotel to achieve is capon or the electronic mean. So please, I'm really um actually public to come forward them, give but if the information the things in place that can protect you and protect your family um If you have in your 15 what are some of the trends that you have observed recently, as it release the crime situation in something time generally is um on the plane. But mother the up such and as other said this, I feel that we have a father is not. We got. We have seen a little bit boss and sold for more than The intelligence you can link them to different groups. You can establish a motive for these motive. You have outline some of the response measures that are undertaken by the Royal something sometime. The grenadines police force. They lease, youth clubs. They against crime program. They able who'd watch groups and all the other social programs that are implemented at the community level are important. They in combating these crime, fitness. We believe that Education to the general public on crime prevention is of utmost importance in this solar thing of grains and, as a result, we created an app must credit of sense of a position to the general public where we sensor types of general public on credit invention issues with dating as a result two times per year, the game will conduct up large exhibition game adventure exhibition in front of the Center position and wind would fuck kind of up and also bring for the Christmas because these are tools of the busiest stand in the am in conjunction to that, we go to the colleges of different medical colleges and sensitivity, medical students. We send surprising the students at the school is a different, never also we bought know with the neighborhood watch hoops And support them in the events, um, whatever event they be half also, we have a coupon again scream that, please, but to supporting and we also, we also have, we have the dare program where we um have to children. Knowing my vote. Conflict resolution and respect of joey hundred two should, on other things, um one of the things that I really want to Christopher Public with especially need their a hole parents. I want to encourage our parents to be proper parents to our children and you know, recently we had a really old crate of situation call for one of 60 and one child at and not created I'm not a discussion into boating and I want to encourage parents to be good parents because under the check-in protection act you'll have to responsive As a parent and showed up your children, child or children of the decorating, you have to ensure that they have couple hose. It probably wouldn't proper Ford. Everything and you have to ensure the safety so when a parent is taken out of your child and even a chance to win a brand new moto who might be all about mother who might meal and that granddaughter hustle holding activities You have to control that you love your chest, protecting at all times and if you failed to do that you can be arrested and charge as a parent who fade into protect your child or your children also, we encourage uh let schools we have a lot of consumers in school. We have two comes with the school admin coach damn door important in children uh tool because the at Sullivan conference because if you have a situation that is none soft, it is also control. It would cost conference So we encourage them to that so we, but know with all of these into two chevrolet schooled, the social walk cause, whatever have me partner with the expertise to ensure that we knew came to set us off a stool that safety on things that you should do in order to be protected when I was a sit toward um keep set those programs him open them very effective mary's with And then that, from time to time you meet people and they would be a part of the program. I was a part of the fun against Grand program on the resort of Ducks. I did not go don't be spot or do it is difficult to measure with any group specificity the um I'm just suck of it as compare to the craze that coming to you can okay. We got um 33 more than Year that's, specifics of the six but you can see okay for from the port from coming in this current because of um the socialization, everybody club, oh with the goal of the treated that they receive of the two. Then but speaking the portions on the fact that the general public, all the young people get nutty um um who moving to the right direction Up the fuel who me the dental would inbox and life of Craig, but need me. There. Other day is on with social media other media, the always well most gifts is there any me push me. Those issues right in terms of the fence. It sensation always in of these cregg so that is more in your faith of more visible than they're trying to rule window on the Street Everyone achieve success so it's I would say that this pool they're very, very effective but um, as I said before, bosses than to push the negative and that is being highlighted as oppose to the public. The course and so did not well um the the wrong pipe on the door. I'm sure you both would like to take the opportunity in your individual capacity to speak to the fact that some vincent and the grenadines still remains a peaceful country, beautiful country. We are friendly and loving people I would say is this still very much see if, on a peaceful place there feel both of school for the one selfish and in some gifts greedy reason with embark on a life of Craig their southern effect very as we got the result of that is in the deep of some bosses but others said before in the population of boats hundred and 10000. This on the It's just um about a hundred are less person who really involve in the script on the mic in Red beans. No button. We are doing all this tool. How did um this is a crime specifically the issue of more than we are in the public for the assistance we can do it with old Republic Give me the opportunity to assist yourself by assisting us with the information so that we get make you feel even see if of in the incidents and the grenadines 15, something amenities it's take a look in place. That and we don't want to head next being everyday wake up. That somebody get King the last night that is a creative consultant must, as a police force and it is of great concern to the as opposed to the something different, something but it needs. I want to be because we just pushing away your people because when you put The big, something pour since what dying get your people and I want to encourage our young people to choose the rain box. I want to big courage all young people trust God because you kinda do it without God and I want to encourage us not to be cream to get up a little for some means of employment. If you're conflating try something for yourself, I want to encourage us to move when I'm not a bully, because we told you love, we don't doing anything. I want to ask the story I trained to be so evil conference in a better win at the idea we spend a lot of time join you need helping to resolve the conflicts because we maybe there that can help so I want to encourage you if you want to come in and there is a student juice trying to solve them to get the true come to us come to cat or any money pot. Everybody's force and put your put your new mentor for them and we will try to help you to resolve things. Do not resell effect with guns and I'm not saying you to bring the kids bring them in Put him go because the same God will come back up okay real so lax and you debated from a life of crime and walk in our lot of messy morning. But we couldn't wait send in some grenadines instead of best place to living. Thank you very much different. Ending jacob and the deputy Commission are calling John well. You heard it the police patrols with intense if I, along with other measures, implemented by the oils and the grenadines, believes force and, like the police, I do believe that something sometime the editing still remains the most beautiful country in the world. Thank you so much for joining us Getting thing

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