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Eine kleine Analyse der unglaublichen Leistung von Bedan Karoki (馃嚢馃嚜), vom Samstag Halbmarathon (58:42 Min.).

Pace von jedem Kilometer:
- 01km : 2:46'
We'll lost in kentucky went through 20 k and 56 10 20 seconds up on that show he's having him for a clocking of under 59 minutes and he could be heading for the fastest time ever at the rack of marathon. The. What the course record remember. 58 52 but Patrick macau back in two thousand and nine, that record all of nine years old now look at the clock the line bacons full beat on karate it's gonna be Super quick and will be a course record come on this rare in home being on rocky Champion once again in kinda but they crashes through the line there and 58 42 and officially that is a new record hair and no time out

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