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POLL: Is Jeremy Pierre FOX13 working hard or hardly working?
Tailgating is in full swing at the Southern Heritage Classic!
Turn to FOX13 News to watch...

Posted 3 months ago

FOX13 Memphis 3 months ago

Third option: He is working hard on that plate.

FOX13 Memphis 3 months ago

Follow Jeremy here for more updates from the Southern Heritage Classic >> Jeremy Pierre FOX13

Yolanda Unapologetic Little 3 months ago

That shirt will be a little tighter by midmorning with all the work he's putting in on that plate!! 😂😂

Tiffany Cummings 3 months ago

Jeremy said HE RET-TEA! like Thanksgiving when the deviled eggs and ham already ready start skimming!😂😂

Kayla Mckay Shaw 3 months ago

Go 9ers! That is all. ❤💛❤💛

Tramain Stewart 3 months ago

He's under the right tent 💪🏿 #BangBangNinerGang

Karen Felice 3 months ago

Memphis loves Jeremy!!!

Bettye Cox 3 months ago

The news is so refreshing this morning with all the excitement about the Classic weekend! Loving it! Be safe everyone

Dell Smooth 3 months ago

He's not playing with that food

Lisa Taylor-Morris 3 months ago

Yes, working hard at enjoying some good food😜