Watch TRS Youth Leader Srinivas Reddy Attacks His Wife

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Watch TRS Youth Leader Srinivas Reddy Attacks His Wife in Medchal District Telangana.

Married other girl because wife gave birth to girl :(

Posted 4 years ago in Crime & Tragedy

The Irritated Indian 4 years ago

I really hate people who laugh at these kinda posts....

Srinivas Sri 4 years ago

బంగారు తల్లి పుట్టిందని ఇంకో పెళ్లి చేసుకున్న #TRS యువజన నాయకుడు.

#KCR కిట్లు, ఆడపిల్లలకు ఫిక్స్డ్ డిపాజిట్లు ఏవి ఈ #TRS నాయకుని ఆగడాలను ఆపలేకపోయాయి.

అధికారబలుపు చూసుకొని సిగ్గులేని పనులు చేస్తున్న ఇలాంటి నీచ రాజకీయనాయకులను పార్టీలకతీతంగా శిక్షించాలి.

ఈ మహిళపై న్యాయం జరిగేలా షేర్ చేయండి.

Kapil Ahlawat 4 years ago

Anything can happen who can say that the women is right may be she is acting and want to have money and at first he only wanted to send her out and then he had to use force what will one do if someone come in our house without our will

Bharath Palle 4 years ago

How crule he could be to so.atlest the girl who accepted for second marriage should feel shame to destroy one life who is of the same gander

Lijo Lijo 4 years ago

Nw wr are all the human rights people and women welfare people.. I am sure must have gone on a vacation

Praneeth Chowdary Manda 4 years ago

Mi amma Kuda girl ney ga
Mari mi amma Ni nduku inka wife ga vunchukunadu mi father
Niku entha mandhi mother's vunnaro adugu mi father

Saalim Salim Mogra 4 years ago

Science has verified that the sperm from the man determines the sex of the child. The woman has nothing to do with the end result.

पूर्वा लालधर 4 years ago

This is saddest state of india... Here some leaders are fighting for padmavati stories.. And some leaders cant respect and protect their wife(padmavati).. So deplorable.. 😬😢

Saji P. Thomas 4 years ago

How disgusting. Is he a human. And his mother supporting. Poor little kid watching this act by her father who doesn't want her.
That poor girl should not beg for a relationship with dat illiterate Man

Murali Burra 4 years ago

I would request someone upload this video to she teams website....they will take proper action.....they should take....If they are complacent that he is a leader of ruling party then no one can say anything..