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Growing up labelled 'educable mentally retarded' didn't set Les Brown up for much. But young, ready and hungry, Les Brown recounts how he scored his...
Denzel, as mentally retarded, put back from the fifth grade until the fourth grade and stayed in that category until I got out of high school. I don't have any College training, but I'm at a high school teacher who one day changed my life. I was waiting on another student and when he came in, he said to me Young man go to the board and write what I'm about to tell you and I said I can't do that turn, he said. Why not? I said I'm not wanting their students, he said. It doesn't matter follow my directions now that's I can't do. Sir, he said, why not? I said because I'm Educable, mentally retarded and he came from behind his desk and he looked at me, he said. Don't ever say that again, someone's opinion of you does not have to become your reality. And as he talk, my heart began to beat fast tears begin to run by my eyes and I was in the back just listening to him because the speech he was giving that speech was for me. And he said, Les Brown. He said, If you wanna do anything worthwhile in life, you've got to be hungry. I told Mister Washington I wanted to become a disc jockey and so I started working to develop myself, he said. I want you to practice every day being a disc jockey. I said but I don't have any job now, he said. It doesn't matter. He said that it's better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one than to have an opportunity and not be prepared. So I went back again, I said how you doing Mister Butterball my name is Les Brown, he said. I know what your name is what you want as I like to know whether or not you have any jobs at this jockey sir he said did not just tell you yesterday. we didn't have any jobs. I said yes sir but I know where they're not somebody got laid off or somebody was fired sir. He said no one was laid off of five. I get on out of here. I came back the next day like I'm seeing you for the first time and say hello Mister Butterball. How are you? He looked at me with rage. He said. Go get me some coffee. I said yes, sir. And I went to get him some coffee after a while. I would give them lunch and dinner and I would go into control rooms and take the disc jockeys there food and I would not leave until they would ask me to leave. One Saturday afternoon while I was at the radio station, a guy named Rock was breaking while he was on the air. I was the only one there looking at him through the control room windows, walking back and forth, young, ready and hungry. I waited for about 20 minutes and I called him back, I said Mister Klein. I can't find nobody. He is a young boy. Do you know to work in controls? I said, yes, sir, he said. Go in there. No say on here. I say yes. Hungry. You gotta be hungry. Begin to know that you have greatness within you and if just one of you here begin to envision yourselves as being blessed and highly favored to reach your goals, if just one of you capture the essence of what that means that you have greatness within you and responsibility to manifest that greatness. That you could make your parents proud. You can make your school proud. You can touch millions of people's lives and the world will never be the same again because you came this way. It was hard ladies and gentlemen coming to speak to people and I was facing financial difficulties in my own life. I was behind on my bills and my dreams and I'm saying to them you can live your Dream. It was hardly is and gentlemen, he was very difficult to pick myself up. They believing that I can do it. There were times that I doubted myself. I used to ask myself. Can I do this and something said within me, you're the one don't give up on your dreams by continuing to push forward by continuing to run toward my Dream. One day, I would have my own talk show. It's a long shot, ladies and gentlemen from Liberty City and abandoned building on a flaw. Never knowing my. Father. It's a long shot being here with you today in this dome in Atlanta to long shot. No College training labeled Educable mentally retarded, but I kept running to walk my Dream. Don't stop. Don't stop running to watch your Dream.

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