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Biologist Forrest Galante is calling for all worldwide wet markets to be shut down after going undercover and discovering the severe risks they pose

This This is is is not. not not a a matter of race, race, ethnicity ethnicity location. location location discrimination. discrimination. discrimination. This is a matter matter of of wildlife wildlife wildlife safety safety safety safety and and and and human. human human human safety safety safety and and and and shutting shutting shutting. shutting down down down all wet markets markets in in all all Nations Nations across across the the globe. globe. A wet market is typically an open-air market where both meats and animals are kept in cages and on display typically not refrigerated with no ice so that people can come in in this open-air market and and individually individually individually pick pick pick out out out what what what things things things they they they want want want to to. to take take home home with with them. them. People need to be aware that wet markets are not an Asian only thing. This is not just happening in China or specifically in Wuhan. Wuhan. This This is is happening happening happening all all all over over over the the the place place. place. place. It's It's It's it's happening. happening happening happening in in in Africa Africa. Africa Africa. it's it's it's. it's happening happening happening in in in European Nations. Nations. It's It's happening happening happening in in in Asia Asia Asia and and and and they're they're they're they're all all. all all dangerous. It doesn't matter where where you you are are if if you you you are are are mixing mixing mixing mylife my mylife mylife. life. If if if If you're you're you're you're. coaching coaching coaching it from the wild, one, it's it's terrible terrible for for the the the species, species, species but but but but two, two two two if if if. if you're you're you're mixing mixing mixing mixing all. all all all these these these animals with things that we we consume consume consume as as as food food. food food source, source, source, source, you you you you are. are are are going going going to have problems and and that's that's how how the the the genetic genetic genetic disease disease disease get get get get started. started. started. started. They They They are are are are a. a a a vector vector vector for Disease. It's where's where's zoonotic zoonotic diseases diseases diseases like. like like like Ebola Ebola Ebola Ebola and. and and and SD, SD, SD, and and and of of of course. course course Cove covid-. in 19. Originated from and that's because you have all this mixing of bodily fluids and blood and tissue and feces all coming together from these animals being stacked in unsanitary conditions and mixed with meat that ends up going into a human consumption. so wet markets are a danger, not just for the wildlife that's getting poached, but for people that that are are that that are are are consuming consuming consuming food food food food from from. from from those those those wet wet wet wet markets. markets markets markets and and Zanzibar at the stone stone market. market. market. I've I've I've seen seen seen this this this this. meat meat meat markets markets markets markets where. where where. where everything everything from from you you know. know, pork and chicken. And beef is cut off and on display in refrigerated to giant Tiger Sharks being hacked to pieces and stingrays with cigarette butts being put out on them and you know piles of fish and they're all kept in this on this open stone kind of displays in a hundred and 10 degree heat, where they're basically rotting in all mixing together and you come along and pick various things and and Indonesia Indonesia Indonesia I've I've I've seen seen seen the the. the wildlife wildlife wildlife markets markets markets markets where where where where they they. they they go go go out into the wild wild and and they they catch catch all all all the the the animals animals animals they they they can can. can can and and and they they they they cage cage cage cage them them them them and and they. and and they they they put put put them them them on. on on display display now. Now these cages are. One on top of another you know, so one dedicates that mixes with the animal below it and sometimes those animals are used for consumption. Other times they are used for pets. Other times they are used for you know good almonds. it's a whole mix of things. I don't believe we should ever sensory reality and the reality is when you see these these horrific horrific images images images of of of animals animals animals being being being. being caged caged caged and and and and abused abused abused abused. and wild creatures being being chopped chopped up up for for for meat meat meat and and and and medicine, medicine, medicine. medicine. It it it is is is supposed supposed supposed supposed to to to to. strike strike strike an emotion and that that emotion emotion emotion use use use it it it don't don't don't hide hide hide. hide from from from it. it. it. Don't Don't Don't Don't be be. be be scared scared scared of of of the reality of what's what's going going on on and and and you you you know know know bury bury bury your your your head head head head in in in. in the the the sand, sand, sand but but but but instead, instead. instead instead embrace it it and and realize realize how how terrible terrible terrible this this this is is is is and. and and and how how how we we we can can can combat. combat combat it. it. The black market Wildlife trade is a huge multi billion dollar market and as supply and demand dictates the more rare something becomes the more valuable. it is we need to rally against us and what that means is being conservation minded. You know whether whether that's that's just just not not not using using using a a a plastic plastic plastic plastic bag bag. bag bag at at at the the the the grocery grocery grocery. grocery store store store or or or going online and and signing signing petitions petitions to to to close close close down. down down wet markets or not not visiting visiting places places like like like Joe Joe Joe Exotics. Exotics, Exotics, Exotics, Tiger Tiger Tiger Tiger Kingdom Kingdom Kingdom Kingdom or or or or whatever. whatever whatever. whatever. it's it's it's called These These are are the the steps steps that that that we we we can can can take take take take by. by by by by educating educating educating educating ourselves. ourselves. ourselves. ourselves. That's That's That's the the the first first. first step step and. and understanding where. Comes from then we can avoid the problem and I I like to say this, it's it's not about one person doing conservation perfectly. It's about everybody doing it imperfectly that will make a huge global change.

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