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Tonio Skits
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We all have that one friend that puts you in a awkward situation 😐😂
I'm here where you got the keys already fucking. no nigga. What's good bro. Look Look at at my my dancer dancer baby. baby. can you. Girls here my girls on the way here. Right now I got bitches. Where is Tonio? He had business to take care of other chip clip, not like not like that kind of business like a business. you know like what bitch has been. it wasn't his bitch. tell me that the the bitches bitches damn. damn. the best all his which is beyond what you believe in your life not on your demand important today I I get get a a time time You can catch up with your bitch. What why don't you play you had a fight with three bears like like some girl named Keisha from the products that they're on the fifth floor. Whoop your ass. I got why you let yourself go like that. I'm just hoping this conversation to motivate you, please please let let I I I don't don't don't know know know what what what motivates motivates motivates you. you. you. Oh, my God, my guy. What's up man you ready? Go. Yeah. I remember. Say you were coming over here. You gotta go. You gotta go bro. I call you. I call your number. you need to explain that. I don't want whoa. maybe I am missing some motivation. Did you did you disrespect me? I don't confuse. Who's that bitch, so we're passing on pictures. Now I saw you scrolling you posting that picture. who's that bitch cause I don't I don't I I didn't know I pause. I thought I recognized that yeah recognize that ass don't under my My intelligence Tonio pausing on a picture is equivalent to liking it. and if you like that picture, it's disrespectful and I'm not gonna be. you're you're you're my my my sister. sister. sister. sister. Why Why Why do do do you you you even even even care? care? care? Well, I'm just practicing because when I get a boyfriend, I'll be damn he paused on a picture. So we pause it on pictures now, maybe no no no mommy wait.

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