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The 2018 European You Got This Tour was insane, check out some of the highlights that made the tour absolutely mad!
Ever yeah will Oh my God That said the nice and marriott here To have them here on the top of the world that's a blessing That has no business being out there and practice We're obviously tracking everything else and you got the hardest trick and else could be It is digging in and so we're not thinking Southern won well nuclear We did everybody it's about time really suck on bicycles but man that was a lot of fun And my friends are so stupid speaking of school but you ain't seen nothing yet I'm gonna go triple play of the game he's got smoke but this one is for all of you guys go Alright guys yeah He's the greatest baby boy Someone think you start doing 12 conviction your friends to follow right to look at again Nothing from my lips city macey ground stomps on the first of everything is Ryan oh my God what a finish to the show Friday I didn't St dude oh so scared I was so scared I don't think I my head but I could save European you got this tour 2018 went out with a bang literally Oh my goodness thank Europe Paris you centers often the best way see you guys in Australia it's only getting bigger from here 12 to 53

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