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CNN's response to Donald Trump and it's frigging hilarious !
There are a lot of risks Associated with a career in journalism and I never thought being clothes lined but by the President President would would be be one one of of them them but but and and then that you you got got my my name name is is seen seen in in and and I I was was assaulted assaulted by by the the President President on on stats steps the the bullying bullying started started Wall long we we got got uh up mainly mainly online online donald donald trump trump calling calling me me fake fake news news which which was was almost almost as as painful painful as as may may have have to to call call him him President President on on States States he he also also said said cnn seeing and had have reported imported lies lies and and in in famous famous when when that that is is true true seeing seeing in in has has reported reported on on trump's trump's lie lie about about about about the a specific specific it it trump's trump's lie lie about about inauguration inauguration crowd crowd size size trump's trump lie lie about about him um so so I I'm am somebody somebody go go we we try tried to to laugh laugh it it off off um um I I mean mean if if you you think think about about it it is is pretty pretty funny funny in in Georgia Georgia well well kind kind of of why why um um but but soon soon the the bullying bullying extended extended into into the the workplace workplace and and you're you not not gonna gonna give give you up can can you you stay stay calling calling you you are are fake fake news news asking asking questions questions at at press press conferences conferences is is one one of of my my favorite favorite things things without without back back what what am am I I but but we we never never thought thought we'd we get get physical physical um um I I mean mean we've we've heard heard in in boast boast about about insulting insulting people people in in the the past past but but I'm I'm still still shocked shocked winning winning when when you you grab grab me me by by the the pic pic so so it's it's not not enough enough to to explain explain to to an an adult adult that that the the leader leader of of the the free free world world pumps pump you you wanna wanna give give them them as as much much holiday holiday explain explain that that to to your your kids kids sorry sorry but but hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm look look even even way way think think this this is is a a bit bit much much and what a fucking nuts the other day I can take a punch ago pixelated head but a little gentle South they don't so maybe they won't be son watching but now we just have to keep on doing our jobs and started calling his food news network and advice that because of the moment we do companies about for ones trump family

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