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#DHRHealth is proud to announce the opening of the Renaissance Specialty Clinic and Renaissance Laboratories in Brownsville! Thank you to everyone who...
Doctors hospital at renaissance is proud to announce the opening of its brand new Center here at Texas to be able to expand the services that were able to reach our patients with both in the form of a laboratory which is comprehensive in nature to serve the doctors provided Your brownsville as well as the surrounding areas with that comes the opening of the truck multi specialty clinic which will again bring services to an area that traditionally is under serve with the specials when the 30 calls this a tradition we show up And we do that I think in this case is to bring the best care there is in the country to the proud the population and to make sure that we probably enjoying my calling area we counsel to the something here the reason why we're Here is ultimately for the entire Valley not just one section but for everybody from the radio all the way to bill because we're all one big community we're here to help every single patient that's here and give them the best care that they can and allowed to be around the families on behalf of doctors hospital at renaissance health system this is one tiny step of many steps and leaps that we wanna take together with you all thank you for embracing us with open arms thank you for having

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