Slouchy Sunday! 😍

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We 💗 Slouchy Sunday! All slouchies are ON SALE for just $24 today only! Snag yours fast!
**Promotion ends 11/9/20 at 2:00 AM CST

Posted 12 months ago in Fashion & Style

Chic Soul 11 months ago

Hey, ladies! We just love these cute outfits! 😍 Don’t y’all?! Be sure to snag them before they sell out by clicking the links below! 😉 Stay Chic! ❤️💎-Team Chic Soul

Style 1:
Curved Hem Slouchy Dolman Tunic, Rust

*Available for Restock Notifications* Girl Next Door Leggings, Black

Grand Prize Slides, Whiskey

Style 2:
Curved Hem Slouchy Dolman Tunic, Oatmeal Thermal

Chic Solutions Skinny Jeans, Dark Wash

Grand Prize Slides, Black-White

Autumn Air Scarf, Gray

Chic Soul 11 months ago

Hey ladies, our EPIC $18 Slouchy Sale is Live! 💥 LIMITED TIME ONLY! All Slouchies now only $18 each! Snag your fave colors and styles before they sell out! 😍 No code needed! Promo ends 11/30/20 2:00am CST. ❤

Rhonda Gest Schnitz 11 months ago

Great models!

Rebecca Jo Sunkle 11 months ago

How long does it usually take to receive the product?

Bobbie Thompson 11 months ago

Kaitlyn England this is how I want to dress. This is where I need your help lol

Martha Montes 11 months ago

Me gusta

Gail Mcelroy 11 months ago

Dezi Mariah

Bridget Gates 11 months ago

So pretty.

Tookie Nicole 11 months ago

Love it😍😍😍