Crisis and Opportunity

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From the film: Chungliang and Sir Ken Robinson describe "crisis". I personally think that the opportuntiy right now is the opportuntiy help others. I...

Posted 2 years ago

Brett Lindberg 2 years ago

This film was wonderful, it changed me. I traveled and saw a new perspective because of this film.

Joe Csizmadia 2 years ago

Love this film!

Robert Johnston 2 years ago

One of my favorite documentaries, I watch it often, I can't "get used to it", because life keeps changing, some challenges take a little time, some of them take a long time. Why not add in collapsing oil economies, pandemics and social shutdowns to the equation? It's reality. Every time I watch it, I pick up something different, from one of the people interviewed, something else hits me, maybe my time to hear it deeply has arrived. Thank you to everyone involved in making the movie and to Joseph Campbell for the life of bringing these life-affirming stories and myths to a global audience.