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That one time I died and went to heaven.

SNAPCHAT: Charliebnarly
Yeah God that's there do I call you got like go buy some shit what the fuck is this first what if I haven't smell like pass aw yeah he master jacqueline fucking a force of for breeze damn that's stop why hannah wins on my head you should try to say something side of the fast head I got ways about that and it that's fucka having is man because I'm tell me having is like sex love this way to start the day for my style right what's up and is dressed tell me some mo shit dad it's me you're my fucking come on I'm land sparkle class was heading in the great depression and since I've been here all I need is a quick box wait that's all me what bitch fuck you could you make on site with do much that a friend why pay when my great grandma for eternity like the hair to go secret and this can be a problem that you're gonna me just go say on air and was so many fuck is from winning it's no bitch part bitch more than this motherfucker out here in the fuck you come here I am the penny no time okay hey teddy we go yeah no that's gonna make a right yeah happy new facilities but have you ever try to like your ass come and you do this grass the the charges yep yep that obama's how you can win it that makes sense hello thinking the church let me tell me on my one day to everybody backs you everybody that's for me I'm get that's about a question and then I try to check off fashion happens is that just means I'm not saying that that's it look fuck thinking that shit I think I did you got hail yeah I need to get my tee now this bike I push mow the fucking hand shit you know is that manny times who says time salad guess some way that my father where is it

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