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Dr Fitt (Roby Mitchell, MD)
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Black seed oil.... How do you throw it back?!! Let's have some fun!

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Hey good morning everyone happy Wednesday it is indeed Wednesday because I check the calendar today and it's Wednesday so hopefully it will be Wednesday and my Gold all day long and so I just wanted to talk to you just briefly hopefully um we got a lot of calls at doctor fit which I filled the majority of um about how We use this elixir this nectar of the gods this um you know remedy for everything but death okay well some of my friends call it the snake oil that I push um which I don't exactly know how one gets all from a snake but I digress so anyway um I thought I would do just a little video to show you guys how I throw it back and this is the suggestion that I give a lot of people and so um I hope That maybe you guys will kinda time in stick a little video down in the comments here and show us how you like to throw your black suit all back so um as far as time of the day I think that's a personal preference typically out The mind is not um and um it's not exactly something that you wanna take in this go give somebody a big O kiss cuz I'm pretty potent anyway the taste the smell has been like Into diesel fuel some people really love it and if you can down at straight I say more power to you um the way that I mix mine and I put some pictures down below in the comments is to just I take a shot glass Which I've bought solely for the purpose of black seed oil and I put half of the bigger black seed oil sets now and the rest I just use my own sweetened um dark juice blend That I bought at trader joe's in San Antonio thank you and emily by the way you need a trader joe's um and what happens is the oil will rise to the top of the glass this little shot glass and It's sorta sits on the top and then all you do is bottom is up and it goes down no problems what so ever now Don't uh don't be going in kitchen anybody right after that shop anyway um you guys have a fantastic day um let's you have a little fun with this and so if you want to post below little video how you like to take your blocks you all how you throw it back I encourage you to do so and um yeah check us out at doctor dot com dot com we sell our black seed oil and 16 and 32 ounce bottles and it's the best we've found available our oil have a great day bye

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