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Best Beaches in Sri Lanka
I'm introducing you to the Central highlands of Sri lankan the first episode of the trouble escape. We will now take you to the most beautiful beaches of the country, try some local Street food and show you some more wildlife in the National Park Is a year round holiday destination with two months of the season and is home to some incredible beaches on both sides of the island. If you want to go to the South and West Coast and I got the best time to visit is from December to April for the East Coast the time between April and August dispensed let's not on a journey of at South Columbia with and been told that an area which is famous for its very long sandy Beach, just a two hour drive from the capital to location and effect that the waters most the very shadow makes it a great destination for families just Side of town you should visit the Sea turtle conservation research project, where you can find out how endangered and injured turtles are being rescued to make spots close to the lovely town of golf while he could do is a popular Beach town, especially for party lovers. We have a do not lets you connect your Beach holiday with cultural sightseeing and goal and for those of you looking for a much calmer place. You should consider of many South which is also a great spots to go on a whale watching tour Thanks stop the National Park, even though it has a Beach, it is forbidden to go swimming. You too dangerous currents, but anyway this is not what I'm here for finance to young on us and I thank you. We have a free box of party okay and think about that number should maybe button and a chance to win on the fuck. It bitch Yellow is the most visited and second largest National Park in throughout the Park is best known for its variety of wild animals and plays an important role for the conservation officer. Lincoln elephants. So not netflix and aquatic burt's. It has also one of the highest let's bend cities in the world at the end of the day, I get lucky and we sell one of them just before the sunset After this quick overview of beaches in the West and the sound of the country and now wants to focus more on the East Coast which is still fairly unknown, stopping with bain hello guys and welcome to come. They this is on the East Coast of Sri Lanka. It's known for surfing and as you can see behind me, this little fishing town Good morning from the start to stay for the hike to them. Kelly century, which is a rather high, describe money maturity Once there visits to the couldn't be century can be easily connected with the safari tactical mama National Park, which is famous for its large flocks of migratory waterfowl and waiting butts So we made its way to come down cody yeah we're, not going to find some Street here. Yes, we're out inspect greedy artists like 40 degrees or something like that It's nice, as crunchy and it's made out of coconut that doesn't necessarily taste like it. That's crazy pancake spicy coconut yeah like getting affecting me this is real like and teeth, which smells like lemon grass It's different place making Young baby hey guys welcome to the pita it's a Beach on the East Coast of Sri Lanka and you have lovely weather and waves. 10 months out of every year Alright pulling Beach is really nice, but a frosty beer makes it better cheese Good morning from company we're about to go on the votes to see dolphins and whales and then we go to pigeon island to smoke and to see reef sharks and turtles and fish. But first we enjoy the summer right to think of money has been one of the main centres of time you language speaking, culture on the island for over two millennia and is known to be one of the oldest cities in Asia. It has self as a major maritime Sea port in the international trading history of the item the Harbor is the fifth largest Natural Harbor in the world I guess I found paradise and paradise it's called bitch United right now. Yeah it's so fun for me. You know that the system and then I'm gonna show a beautiful week here. Kentucky's we've shocks that's a fish. I would say that's goes not getting jump into the water and see if we can see shop A Dream destination is waiting for you in the next episode with the knowledge these we take you to paradise and show you how to relax in style make sure to subscribe for new travel videos. Every first date and check out my link a guide. If you want to visit this beautiful country as well until next time

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