Resistance forces, Taliban face off in Afghanistan's #PanjshirValley

India Today • 5 months ago   402     51  •  36.5K Views
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#Exclusive | Resistance forces, Taliban face off in Afghanistan's #PanjshirValley
#ITLivestream #Afghanistan

Posted 5 months ago in Politics
Nas Awan
Nas Awan5 months ago

Best entertainment now a days is Indian media, imagine what will happen when India will retreat from Kashmir and Khalistan. Feel sorry for you guys let’s play some cricket end of the day you can’t change the neighbours.

Mian Asif Said
Mian Asif Said5 months ago

Do you have any idea how ridiculous your channel is? Pretending 173,000 residents of Panjshir valley are any threat to Taliban?

Isnaji Sahisa
Isnaji Sahisa5 months ago

If I'm the leder of India from know we'll clarify people on my counter that is not my loyalty

Pandiyan M
Pandiyan M5 months ago

Worst dressing sence for india today news reader...

Syed Abdul Raheem
Syed Abdul Raheem5 months ago

When is petrol prices decreasing we are interested in this. We don't want Afghanistan news

James Snow
James Snow5 months ago

Next stop. IOK then Delhi.

Gull Memon
Gull Memon5 months ago

Kia zindgi he in anchors ki

Raja Mateen Khan
Raja Mateen Khan5 months ago

Name the drug plz…. So high

Zaka Ullah
Zaka Ullah5 months ago

Soon this #Panjsher will be cleared by Afghan Students, to give more panic to India

Abdul Rehman Niazi
Abdul Rehman Niazi5 months ago

Must think about khalistan