You Won't Believe What She Does After Her Breast Cancer Treatment

Alice Crisci was a healthy young woman.
At age 31, before having a child, she was diagnosed with breast cancer.
Prior to beginning aggressive treatments that would make conceiving difficult, she had her eggs harvested and fertilized and had the embryos frozen.
She then endured the agonizing treatment for the cancer.
Five years later, with a green light from her oncologist, she did a frozen embryo transfer and conceived on the first try.
Alice delivered a baby boy she named Dante.
Today, they are both healthy. But the story doesn’t end here.
She remembered that after she started chemo, she decided to get a second opinion, resulting in an important change to her treatment.
She also remembered how difficult that was.
She’d also learned that medical information on the web is at best generic, at worst wrong and most often unreliable.
She wanted to create an app to allow people to ask questions of medical experts.
To fund the development, she launched a regulation CF crowdfunding campaign on Start Engine and raised more than ten times her minimum goal of $10,000.
Starting with fertility questions, the MedAnswers app is now working, providing free, immediate answers to health questions.

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