Sweet Corn Spoon Bread

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Smooth and creamy instead of crumbly, spoon bread is definitely NOT the same thing as cornbread :)

Get the written recipe here: http://bit.ly/2eVrZ34

Posted 5 years ago in Food & Drink

12 Tomatoes 5 years ago

PIN this recipe for later: http://bit.ly/2flEvFU

Desiray Marie Boughner 5 years ago

Haylee Bolar . Then maybe put in a bigger pan of hot water? Be similar to corn cake but not as difficult and long to make

Erica Lawson 5 years ago

My mom used to make this all the time. She called it corn pudding casserole. It makes me smile to see the recipe. She passed away in March & the holidays just won't be the same without her.

Carol Hutchinson Troch 5 years ago

Ah ha....this is spoonbread, we always called It corn pudding! Either way the recipe is the same and the results are delicious no matter what it's called!

Marsha Crouch 5 years ago

I had a recipe for jalapeño cornbread that started like that, then add shredded cheese, diced jalapeños, green chilies, and crumbled bacon. Delicious!

Julie Stanford Nagamine 5 years ago

This is the spoon bread that I have made for 20 years. I didn't check the measurements but those are the same ingredients. I make it every chance I get.

Megan Renee 5 years ago

Really no need for the eggs or added sugar. Its sweet enought w 1 can cream corn 1 can whole corn, 8oz sour cream, 1.melted stick of butter and a box of jiffy mix

Virginia A. Hitchman-Brisben 5 years ago

This is not spoonbread. This is a corn casserole. Real spoonbread is like cornbread, but you pour a cup of milk into the center before baking.

Melissa Perez 5 years ago

My grandma used to make this but would add half sour cream half cream cheese and she actually got it out of the dallas morning news under cowboys player "Nate Neuton's corn casserole"

Jane Dodge Kidder 5 years ago

Skip this recipe using a mix! Spoon bread can be made from scratch with corn meal made into a mush with milk, then combined with beaten egg--so easy and with minimal sugar and salt.