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Welcome everybody hope you guys are having a great evening we're live right now it is 10 o'clock here at sorry 11 o'clock here in Miami Florida I'm with our past times now hope you guys had a great weekend and uh join us we're getting ready for Christmas we have a tree said if you guys see you know just sending an email and we'll send you a gift kind of like Santa claus no but I do hope you guys have everything ready for Christmas this weekend and um so close so close to two thousand and 17 so I hope you get everything ready for your holidays and uh welcomes any line once again let's speak a little tutorial and don't forget that we live in a loving Monday Tuesday and wednesdays um And if you're in Miami we can you can watch us on channel eighteen point three at anytime uh that time in your life get on to any of those and they do so it was It's everything a uconn versus unity e toss look at she um I just realized I don't have my tablet sorry uh but we're gonna go live and we do have the topic to start so just like last weekend you guys when we do talk about these subjects uh we try not to really interact much but then when you guys have comments when we're done with the whole topic we'll answer them alright so let's go ahead and start periscope for those I wanna uh watch through there if you're in Miami don't forget channel eighteen point three Monday and Tuesday wednesdays we're live at six o'clock we're gonna be at the Miracle is safe so if you were with us last Wednesday we started a really interesting subject um bum given by a doctor six allah gist uh general doctor six allah gist in psychologist and spiritual counsel I guess we could do a column um they're kinda like all of the above so I do recommend that you do watch you do watch uh the part one of this show and if you are interested you can then follow up with this one which is part two of the importance of a roselyn life oven Eric Lee That's what we're gonna talk about so what is it what the consequences the pros and the cons alright um so welcome but I can't um this is one of the few shows that we've got to load it to youtube I think so um yeah they lives this is a number 700 no sorry yes 700 and nine no one 13 11 year almost 790 Oh seven 76 or 700 and 70 J live so obviously we can upload all of them and youtube but these are interesting subjects we do but now many of those hey guys happy holidays what's up but on the second on the list and so lovely one of the foremost and dependent and in to the sixth and most Let's let this all 61 equal alright guys so last week really really fast uh we talked a little bit about the importance of of course uh letting your body uh you know established that growth um in your youth years because your body's in development uh if you do wait for sex of course we know that we're essentially where it's really difficult that young people would do this but we're just giving you information doesn't mean that you have to take it take it or leave it it's really up to you uh we talked about The you know how losing your social spots if you do you know if you don't use your body correctly sexually from specially from a young age uh how you can lose your social spots and how you can uh also lose the correct timing to actually get you know around store wet or whatever you wanna call it um very straightforward these things so you know just the part of me if I say something that might offend you um we're here to give you information that's all it take Italy like I say um so the importance of that and also we uh explain to you guys you know get this is given by a doctor as well the When you when you're able to commute sorry when you're able to know if the person that you were you know being the mail of course um if he's ready to make love or he's just you know there for sex and just have you know having a uh a time where he doesn't care for you and that if you didn't see last show go back and see it but just kinda giving you a little bit of information we did talk a lot about a lot of things but I think those are like the main and important things that we went through so the consequences uh here it goes so natural lubrication uh if the body if you do use your body well or if you do things that are really And the consequence that you might get later on along in life William alright I was rushing through that now we can see it already in the books but it doesn't But I lost and If you guys love it and then you know and guys remember this is written in Spanish I do my best translating on the spot I haven't even read this in and try to translate it before so uh you know part of me if I do say Crazy alright um lubrication naturally lubrication in the body so lubrication is something that is completely dis palin sin women when they have anticipated sex when we talk about anticipated sex oh well you know when the doctors talk about anticipated anticipated sex sorry it means when your body is in development and you should not have a penetration ok or any kind of extreme arouse ol okay when that your home is go crazy so that is what we mean right we again we spoke about that earlier in the show a lot of lessons when they have sex with their boyfriends or temporary couple they have Really really great amounts of liquid that come out of their their average I ne a lot of times uh you know that even the guys are surprised by the amount of liquid and excitement that they have the body this means that the body is not working as it should there is a lot of excitement in the in the body for them to receive a bad treatment when he means bad treatment is for them to have sex and not make love okay so again go back to the part one um the years go by and after 22 23 years old at the whole body starts you know just not working as it should it's kind of like discombobulated sorry stephanie I'm just the word all right I'm in a good mood today as I'm always in a good mood ready so uh I know it's a serious subject but you gotta take it with ease as well I know a lot of you guys this information it's the first time I've ever heard uh again if you have any questions do um don't ask us a call or just ask a doctor that knows about six policy as well and I'm sure you get right answers when the They don't know us and see if you go to Coming up shopping or equal though says it's okay and So when the body is in conditions of having a relationship if you know that we're talking about after 23 or 20 or 22 or 23 years old and you haven't done good use of your body and or years again it says uh when the body starts being in the condition of being with the couple that they are in love with um at the moment they're ready have sex they're completely dry meaning that they need to use a lubricant and instead of and instead of getting wet when they're ready to have you know make love to their spouse or their husband uh they get wet at really weird times during the Maybe while they're shopping when they're really not even thinking about something that's arouse you know that that will arouse them so that means that the body is not working as it should there's something that was dispel inst at some point in you know maybe your life uh because of misinformation or whatever that uh now your body is kind of acting out and it doesn't know what it's like it's like you get wet with a delay I guess we could call it all right but now you know why it happens right it means that your body is compensated because um x rays So um so that is an actual lubricate the lubrication when it should happen it doesn't happen and happen as it happens in times that it shouldn't this means that your body is just compensated the woman is in love but the body responds in moments that have nothing to do with the situation it doesn't need to get more credit and When I guess this is something that oakland does that in a moment another and this is from So one of the consequences of values is natural lubrication is not gonna be there when you need it number two the lack of the sensitive spots this is probably the worst thing that can happen to a woman okay rephrase this probably the worst thing that can happen to a couple in general because it doesn't only happen to the woman that happens to them as well and here it goes it doesn't really mean tonight says Yes because it was in the Middle as you know in their area and they have and Ceiling is okay no no un rechazo y que está pues cuando se debería subir toda la calentura pues está como se dice como que enfriando la situación no y que eso pues por supuesto afectando la relación alarga ana eso está chiqui hay en once nosotrasss trayendo gómez en mi nombre becky nuevo vod exámenes hubieses hoy está en su show al rey showtime en mi dinámicas de chupones estar hoy este ws de momentos bellos mensajes y eso es lo que te voy a mostrar donde se encontró cambiamos viejas no enseñe willy beneficios vine chef muy bien que no vaiga bien deber samsung smart mes en en marina es de watts que chido decidido a tan sólo dos pasos varias son buenas nosotros somos fans de daewoo mesas ven es tuyo si vamos a recibir We need this for later don't bother me leave me alone you know and just not now you know kind of so I think that is just for men you need to understand that it's not that women do this because they don't love you or because they're you know cold will really the shield in the lack of sensible spots have to do with the coldness of how women get later on through the years if the body hasn't been used correctly uh you know sexually of course so uh especially in years I always a few myself just in case some of you guys are just joining us so um I would say you know don't hold Against them and women you know once you know that this is something that happens and if you know that it does affect your spouse obviously because they feel rejected by you imagine this happening like however many times a day think about how many times a day you might reject your husband without even noticing and just because it comes out naturally because you're washing the dishes because you clean your clothes because you're washing the floor because your attendance to the kids I mean it gets to the point where if you think about it if you were the one that was always coming on to your husband and he rejected to you probably feel really bad so it's definitely To keep in mind uh especially because for women since women are the ones that lose the sense of the spots that have the ability to lose a sense of the spots and get a shield this is something that you need to remind yourself constantly all right so it doesn't happen it doesn't affect your relationship in the long run it'll get them wait for them to get money I thought on the It was like and you just said but I am okay and I know you might be thinking of what if I'm tired and I'm tired of taking care of the kids and cleaning the House and this and that all right I get it you're tired you deserve your rest yes but make sure How many times they are you doing this how many times a week are you doing this how long has it been since you've allowed your husband or even touch you you know without really ending in anything sexual but just the play the foreplay you know what I mean so uh you definitely don't wanna lose that even if you have kids um I know you might be saying oh it's easy to say but if the kids are around okay I'm sure you could find a way all right everything is possible if there's a love of course see that we've seen in the last say with So it says if a woman is cooking for example in the husband comes along and takes her and lift her up and takes her to the bedroom if the woman has all her sensible spots away which means that you just go nuts by the moment your husband touches you if you love them of course um The minutes after a year they're there embed plane or whatever they were probably smelled burnt food and they were probably laugh about it crack up and buy something to eat period but when there's a lack of sense of spots meaning that there's a lack of sensibility in the body they're response to media responsible wife is please don't bother me I'm cooking right now so this is where a lot of marriages go wrong because you're missing like the essence of you know how people say how do we get this part back how do we get that intimacy back and I think it's so interesting to really know why it is that you're reacting this way because it's not because you don't love your husband or because something is going wrong it's just because you know at some Point or another you know you made a mistake or somebody didn't you know explain to enough and he didn't know the consequences so you're probably just paying for them that's also I think that once you you know understand this you might take a little bit of a different reaction towards things that do happen in your day by day and you can you might be a little more conscious of how you react to things and get a little more than they thought they saw this get the See you left work at the moment and you gonna get those anything you can do this and But is he more than this I don't know if you wanna know if a woman is coming out of the House running out of the House to go to work and also the husband comes along and hugs her and gives her a kiss of course they're probably gonna have a sporadic You know quickly as the call it and then the woman is gonna leave you know they're both gonna be happy great if the woman is missing the sensible spots then she's just gonna say don't bother me because you're gonna get you're gonna ruined my makeup and who's your poly just lead to work in a rush how many people go through that he has a probably like oh my God I go to that of meeting or not I mean I I hope not I think the important thing is that doesn't happen too much um looking to see the show on a lot but it So when the sense of the spots getting hot in here when the sensible spoon right the sensible spots of the women are actually the ones that take the couple in general to value themselves and their company a little bit more than usual in without the importance of the time it meaning that you will always put them first the couple Um makes them as a protagonist of their life and their relationship is a protagonist of there life above all things so it's kinda like a happiness that overflows that everybody sees and it's just you can't you can't hide it um that's when you see somebody like why are they so happy well it's it's just a way of life alright uh I guess you could call it put on love first maybe he's not so So that's our To do our analyst analyst Dan cohen and so imagine you and analyze all of you guys analyze right now all the consequences That could be you know um not put aside what's the word I'm looking for uh maybe that it almost comes up underneath uh avoided there you go all the consequences that could be avoided just by simple advice at the right age right cuz I know most of you watching the show probably saying if I only knew that earlier you know and you could have you could reach that peak of happiness it's never too late always say that I mean if you're in love it's never too late and there's always a possibility to get your sense of spots back uh I definitely recommend you seen uh doctors psychologist in this case not only is the salsa colleges but both um It's just like this guy exist there's many of them that um you know work with couples to help us out uh I'm sure um I hope so all right I mean that has to be right so there's just a couple of them yeah so and this this particular doctor is Spain so he says in the bars of Spain and he gives an example of the saying goes what it says is But he's not without us and And this is going to do it it's just if you can a video in um we're gonna Right so women that are intelligent and sorry in the bars of Spain men talk amongst each other that doesn't only happen in the bars of Spain and happens here all the time because we see it all the time we go to bars in the bars are Spain men are talking with each other and women are pretty much trying to get their attention all the time they wanna be like hang on them you know and around them and kissing them and hugging them just because they wish the attention of the mail um they want to be hugged and they wanna be touched men know that maybe this kind of action this kind of women uh might be easy so they don't really Their timing to do it acting like that uh around them um this is something that unfortunately we see more and more in today's life women they're intelligent and that are well assessed you know they have the good information they know that if this happens they know what happens with their sense of responsibility that they might lose them so they're really really I guess we could say specific uh you know if somebody does touch them um and they don't allow themselves to be touched they always have a conduct anything they know that they if they're touched too much they might lose control why because they get arouse really easily back in the day Women used to wear a lot of clothes and even uh cover up there um Ankles video Spanish English sometimes uh back in the day women used to wear a lot of clothes and you couldn't even see their ankles but everything's changed now things have changed tremendously uh and the consequences are the the hospitals are full of young patients and that before their 30 years old they have a ready infections imaginary problems I always say you know I have to say is obviously because of the clothing thing um it doesn't matter how you dress as long as you respect yourself and you act accordingly okay um I've always said that uh and I think I mean you could see it it's just that unfortunately in the In general the less close people have the less contact that they have it's very rare to see somebody that I mean I've seen it you know a lot and well I put myself in this in spite of doing the same you know that I could be nude anywhere and you know nothing happened I mean people respect me but it's just because of the added to that you put out and the way that people see you and uh they perceive you so it really doesn't matter about the clothing yes back in the day people used to cover up all the way but it really depends on how you portray yourself how you you know carry yourself et cetera if people do respect you're not uh and of course there's always gonna be people that no matter if you're fully clothed or naked they won't respect you but that's just the mentality of some you know Unfortunately human beings that's all all right um let me think the candidates obviously important instead of intelligent women know the They had to wait for their for their couple you know to give themselves uh intimately and they don't care if they lose them because they know that if they do lose their couple of they if the couple does abandon them is because their end result wasn't to really have a stable relationship with them but just to use them so every time unfortunately there is less women that think in more of those that want to be grown and um you know like daring and I don't know what word to describe that daring the More daring uh again if it works for you great we're not judging you ok we're just give reading here uh I always say you have the choice to do with your life and your body whatever it is that you want that is very clear uh as long as you're happy that's all uh just pass it on to younger generations that's all I'm saying well that was a great success on a lot of good men and six women Incredible and unique and they cannot go and it's okay and Look I didn't know when I thought this is in I was in them and it was because those are vení el lanzamiento vaginal no por supuesto que llega un punto de que cada vez si se consiguen con ese maltrato cada vez van a necesitar más un hombre más grande y que esté más enriquecido para poder sentir algo ok qué es lo que siempre lo así completar entonces cuanto más elasticidad tengan pero cuando cuanto más pequeño por supuesto mantengan su conducto vaginal por un buen uso más plaza urbanas mentir es lógico xoana dejás es digno haaaa sería así que seguir bueno no este servicio es de a hrs que amway nervios o bueno de consecuencias de gloss de irse a dormir y yo pues ahora sí ok va te manda ibx enamorarse uno seis ahí un búnker y si yo quiero sabes en la fabrica síguenos señoría grafías en avísame nissan brillan en fb me vi en en momento robots vi me enamoré whatsapp show bastante fuerza entonces no te canses le dan entonces vamos a cerrar esta experiencia de de chihuahua los bendice dice wayne nails by elba desirles dark servirle newell's desea The worst and most destructive way that you can do this and this is one of the worst destructive ways destructive ways that you can have sex stories yeah um for the vagina meaning this that's the worst thing that you can do yourself uh other other girls you know because they don't know obviously they accept any kind of proposals from the young boy friends and they do any kind of strange positions they accept them as it's as if it was some kind of you know adventure all of this of course we'll get you to the same result the body you have to take care of the body so I know he said it Um long to explain but in a jv the dependent that position especially not only as your body and growth before you're 19 or 20 years old but if you specifically do these kind of positions where there's really deep penetration meaning like you're sitting in a car and I know for most women specially in the us everybody has a car here you know where your teenagers and okay if if you're young and your boyfriend has a car and he lives with his parents and you live with your parents you know I'm sure it's probably one of the most popular things uh amongst young people nowadays but if you You probably wait a little bit longer so depending on how deep you know the penetration is is depending how you are affecting the growth even of your organs so whatever it is that you that the you know that that it can touch uh it can definitely affect and that could affect you later on not only with what he said but also with the with the case of having children children so there's a lot of things but I think probably one of the most uh serious ones that it will affect you you know in the rounds of the rounds will case is that our city that the ellis city the problem of not being able to go back to your natural um you know And be able to feel just with a warm you know movement and not so much all right so you have to take care of your body very important it's three it's been you know I don't look but I know I can look at it but I thought It will be some in and it was But the motive and it is the mother and When I say that the other must intense said no and I don't know if those alright um really in English now Some things are difficult more difficult to translate right so sensible spots in the woman can definitely come back you can rehabilitate them okay so yeah you have away so sensible spots in the women may rhea peer it's all about education it's about educating your body and feeling again alright uh the concept of the natural lubrication as you know that is this compensated can also be compensated this is something that you can also educate your body to do once again everything just needs to continuously of exercises uh we don't have So if you want to can ask for them but for this I'm sure you'll probably have to go to a doctor again doctor that knows about sex and talk about this and I'm sure you like somebody like this um but first of all of course you would have to do a lot of exercises and it obviously depends on how the gravity of your situation you know if you have had different kind of relationship with you know sexual relationships with different people and it also has a lot to do with if you use protection there's a lot of young women that Protection because they take pills so they think that the only thing that taught condoms are protecting them from is pregnancy and oh well if they are healthy then they don't have any disease so no it has to do with a lot of things um if for example the deposit I guess we can call it that's how he measured in Spanish I know it sounds kind of but if you allow male to deposit his semen in your vagina for example in the us there is no bad days they don't exist this is probably one of the worst things that could happen here because of the amount of sexual activity that happens so sporadically you know anywhere with young people So there were these things were made you know not only to you know wash your bug your buttocks and all that but also because of the sex because so you can wash you know your your personal your intimate parts of after sex so everything comes out um parents not I mean if they don't talk about sex or definitely not gonna talk about cleanliness so yes the worst thing you could do is allow somebody doesn't matter how long you've been you know if you have a boyfriend for two years um wait until and even when you get married wait you know Wait until you have kids wait until you really really trust the person to allow you to have a relationship without condoms um and especially if you allow um the deposits of semen on you even if you're taking pills because you're observing their genes you're absorbing any kind of illness that they may have but particularly more than jeans so if you don't remove this correctly and if you don't watch yourself correctly uh this is something that your body absorbs and that does affect you later on especially in your aging alright so uh your skin will this this will also affect your And wrinkles so yeah believe it or not but we're not gonna get too deep into that because it's a very very delicate subject I don't know how to really talk about it without making anybody feel bad so we're not gonna go there so just make sure that you're you know keep yourself clean and good that's all alright um let's talk about the organism in a technological way he means human body so you guys can understand when I was a little girl anymore by the way guys we go Spanish and English just be patient and This is important technology so we're gonna compare the human body to a computer all right it wasn't until the software no Look at it and look at so it's important to know how the organism you meeting the human body works and talking about technologically we can pay we can compare it to a computer the function of a computer is is uh for mated by the incorporation of um of something called drivers I think he says and the mix of all these drivers generate generate something called a software if I'm not mistaken um You know as much about computers but I think he's right so this is something that regulars that regulates the what it is that you order the computer to do right the body is the same way and incredible that I nominated equipment on the set well and seema This is probably one of the most key I guess you call it um paragraphs so pay attention when the body is to begin development meaning When you know you're growing uh your teenagers you start generating a patrons of uh education we learn how to breathe on her own you know since we're born we're that we don't have to be on our own we learn how to have um tickling we learn how to not you're an aid on ourselves when we're babies um we learn how to digest you know all of this is done by itself because our bodies intelligent we don't press the button to say okay digestion okay ready to go to the bathroom we don't do that it happens by itself our body creates Body's antibodies of defense against um you know viruses et cetera meaning that the body works intelligently and it educate itself to its needs I said it was so important to this paragraph was important because this is gonna explain to you why these are we're talking about the importance of a raffle you know all these things that we just said even the not urinating in ourselves like how we used to do when we were babies uh that was you know something that our body got used to it it learned not to do that anymore and that we have to educate it to go to the bathroom in the bathroom I hope at least Were you guys uh I mean not easy all kinds of crazy stuff but um so in the sexual part it's also very important to have everything working correctly if something doesn't work correctly you will have consequences of headaches of bad digestion a lot of things have to do with your sexual organs believe it or not not see Moscow and organized rallies in 61 Alright did you know that we have seen the So elect if I say six or climates in six or not they'll fix our programming the future everything works in the base of energy alright um Everything works in the base of energy that is generated and it has a lot to do with arouse ol six colleges only learn the results of sex that they're good right I mean how many societies you you talk to any psychologist and they can say sex is great it's great for your health is great for you to lose weight it's great for your uh your even your intimate part of your intimate parts you know for women with your boots to get bigger it's better for you to keep your um fitness it's better for your metabolism but blah but they don't tell you how when and they only tell you how to do it what was And where the touch but they don't tell you the essence of why and how you can get those results it's not just by having sex it has to do with cows ol and making love with the right person not having sex it's a big difference why because of the positive energy that is generating that is what's gonna give you the result of good health and social technologies that learn the benefits of sex of or of this energy of making love no the results so they only teach how to have sex and how it's fundamental for the quality of life to be healthy but they don't explain to people why they only know to recommend it to recommend that you have to enjoy sex and do it with continuing see um And without really explaining what is the essence of it and where why this is happen it's difficult to say but uh this word sex he says uh it it closes a lot of things and everything goes around arouse a really and climates it's arouse ol and climax and not really properly done sex um I know it's kind of it's confusing but I mean probably the the last the the next paragraph of explaining that is the end of the day to get the global election Then here is very important and So why is excitement you know important in this kind of energy important for your health the The energetic necessity that the body has a for a raffle we're talking about a very common case we're not talking about uh Super spiritual case we're just talking about regular people right that you don't have to be in any kind of weird now it's just energy alright the energy that you generate when you have an instance and when you have a raffle um this energy of excitement is the one that uh harmonizes your whole body and it makes your body produce antibodies of defense towards illnesses towards uh in Your body work correctly and makes your body have a better digestion a better metabolism a better explanation of your lungs a better vision a better vitality and a lot of things that it would be really really long to right but the point is there women that have or that they lose their sense of spots blues precisely that one important thing which is the ability to generate that energy and to generate that u know arouse or energy to protect themselves from any kind of illness or anything that might happen might happen to them uh generically okay Generic there's always exceptions um but they lose the ability to have the excitement at the proper time and they really take a long time to reach that excitement and we're not even talking about climax yet we're talking about arouse ol all right look I'm gonna show you another look at it is this lady I don't know that and And then we'll be in the good to own uh the boys that was the most it does um So when young women lose control of their acts of their arrival for example in moments of growth of course you wear your homeowners are probably flying all over the place um this is you know this is this is great but this is something that should happen to O to not no right to a grown woman this is what should happen to any woman when she's about to have intimacy with the person that she loves she should completely lose control and forget about everything else and it's actually the same look I look a little bit of a look at This is the control now I explain myself better so um that crazy is around that you have when you're a teenager when your body is your home was a little all over the place you need to control them because if you give your body an intimacy when it's not ready and especially if you give it sex and I love uh you will This balance your body and then that will have the response later on that your body will not respond that way when it should with the right person okay so this is precisely what we're talking about the loss of the sense of spots when the husband and the wife or you know the husband comes in touches a wife and the wife says listening watching Tv go away don't bother me alright so if you had the response that you did maybe when you were when you were a teenager and you lost control and you had all the butterflies you would never say go away don't bother me because you would just go crazy over the person that just touched you you know because you would lose control so that's what we're talking about here that's why it's Important to take care of these sensible spots and last uh the last show we told you exactly how many there were a hundred and something I think a hundred and 43 alright um continuing on what time is it okay we have five more minutes and it wasn't going to the West so and then we'll continue tomorrow of course it seems to me that those I get in on a Okay so you know those So we have to realize that also um a sooner date as soon as there's penetration of the mail to the vagina of the woman uh even if it's with a finger or with anything else that goes in there that's what he posted um you know the woman she just loses control and she wouldn't she really should not need any kind of free warm up meaning if a woman has all over sensible spots awake and has her body working correctly with a natural lubrication you can have You know sex at the moment without the need of lubricant without the need of your husband having to touch you and prepare you to be excited and then haven't penetration uh and it will be the same because of pressure that you will feel the same so you don't need a pri a preview before um or even if the husband is just simply touching her back with a really level with a really uh light you know touch that will be you know enough for the woman because she would just feel pleasure it's it's like a level like um a light pleasure I guess we would call it but that would be enough so they wouldn't be there wouldn't be the need of doing more um Again the pleasure is different we're talking a different kind of pleasure and that's the kind of pressure that generates a positive energy if someone that don't bless and so we're talking about the kind of pleasure they gives you positive energy that that positive energy is the one that keeps you healthy and you know generate antibodies and generating all those kind of things that are healthy for your body alright then they don't have a lot Anybody there and so um when the woman has this openness this all the sensible spots awake it's kind of like she's flying in the cloud every day And all day the excitement there as well is really really fast she loses control really fast and you know she lives she lives a really healthy sexual life I guess we could say with the right man that is why it's important to wait for the right person to respond to that one person alone to wait uh the man that is compatible for that one woman there's never there's never they would never be any kind of income out of the there were never be um yeah come on annie and it would be like you're breathing fresh air from the top of the mountain uh but this You can only know what it feels like when you discover it not before it but again this is the lady but come on this but at the Hill they want to Even the men from the absolute victim um Why do we insist so much in there as well why is it so important that we talk about a raffle and a raffle at the right moment with the right person generating the right energy everything is the base of their it's a condition of its natural condition that the world or the energy or whoever the universe that the universe gave human beings to be protected to be balance in their body and to generate positiveness in a great condition um and the other way condition that we got is our intelligence to know how to utilize these things in the right ways protected award protected viruses illnesses um you know anything Is your optimism will go up you'll feel better you'll have better direction to suggestion better vision we gotta go um and your body will just work better it will also uh it will also maintain you younger at a longer time where your skin will be humid um most will where your skin will be more human you no more yeah I don't know that's what that's right word and it will also make you have wrinkles less wrinkles and normal this is an internal process that happens inside of your body that we don't see but when your body is in harmony with itself and its working correctly sometimes we think that But that's because we don't know how well we would be if her body reacted correctly and how it shouldn't alright my friends so we gotta go our time is over so I really appreciate your time with us thank you for watching us thank you for for being with us uh I do know that we always interact so I do apologize so we did not get time to um answer any questions today but we will once we are done reading all this right so I hope you enjoyed I hope something something a little bit at least and if it did it for you then I hope that you pass it on to somebody else that will benefit from this information but if it is such a You do not

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