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Fitness Bunnie, Sbahle Mpisane is our guest on this episode of quarantine diaries, a huge media personality in South Africa who gained a lot of fans...
Well, I never was a million churches are very happy and tomorrow we'll be having that discussion with do we think churches are gonna be able to practice social distances, especially when we are talking about churches that there's a lot big establishments where they say 50 people. I will also we'll be looking into the churches. That's attend Guerra churches that are attend or dining room is a family safe for the churches can go back to. If you're saying those churches that practices like that Cannot start, We discriminating, it's gonna be an interesting conversation tomorrow. We're gonna be talking about that. I know you guys are waiting and you will kill me. If I spend another second, let's me bring in our guest. It's about him. And Tell you I am good so lovely to see you and thank you so much for honoring our. We are really excited to be hosting you and you're the you know. I've been knocked down no never like I had no car. you could be Ronda. You're looking so beautiful. It's back down. I'm just I'm just simply right my my Cuba Cuba Ewa. You know the wigs. Hey, they say Uss not again to sit down. How are you doing? How is that look? I'm continue. I'm good. I'm good luck down. I'm handling it well. I think it's because I just decided to go see you know what we are gonna be locked down cuz when they say 21 days for a second, I was excited, you know it's not bad, but I wanna know which is gonna continue for longer than you think so I just decided to see let me accept. And then set goals for myself I am gonna to A B C you know and that's all I have been doing of been training everyday cooking every day cleaning even and yeah even okay so everyday is not wash your hands well how can you because all Don't be wasting Doss. It's it's hard water. you see sanitizer me even my toes. I sanitized and everything it's a lovely to sing with me and it's been an eventful past couple of months but we will get there but who is also. For those of those people who only know you as this from fiance to come with over 100 million followers, congratulations on that. That's there's a lot of people who love you. If there was someone from another planet who came and asked you, I am going to go with my son who is this. How would you answer that question? Was', by is a fitness person who started working out and enjoy working out to a point to me working out and up in the way. I'm like I want to workout by training other people for fun. so I used to do that after school, I'll go to varsity come back, train people and next thing I was getting. Calls for women's health or Niki everybody telling me a-team come with a boot camp. so yeah, That is a person who just followed her Dream who did what she liked and they drove her to be the person she is today. Hey guys I am seeing that I wanna ask you questions with honesty there is no need for us to hide that you come from one of the region in Africa and there is nothing to be You're not a great tool by especially in the black community. There's not going to if I had if I reach, I wake up with the fried chicken and for lunch, I have two chickens and you know when I was not motivated. Wherever you're going when you're running what are you working? What's motivating you to this? What motivates me to be fit? We know that you can't afford to buy anything you want to buy you eating. It's you can sitting indoors traveling lamborghinis. No no so basically my mom took me to a very good high school. He was a private high school Saint Mary's and you know the school who put me under pressure here. you have to be smart, You don't know. Have to end up so you can play in you must have atleast and there was play sports a lots and everything so because naturally because of my jeans um it's okay from my test side they just like slight chubby so naturally person the person I have now we are this machines so all the working out and training I should do that obviously so I can play in whatever school but the person also pressurize me oh oh my my dad was always like what are you wearing oh my super show itself short skirts and shorts everything so are you should train so I can help us body and also we shots really so yeah that's what made me start training love training it was the whole thing of just looking beautiful cause my support pressure he has to look beautiful you must you know she device trained by she is just used to believe beautiful and I felt like I wasn't but I use to train and training make me gave me confidence and end up loving my body and dressing up as a please and look at me now well done there is so good I everyday you I always watching I do like this do this From watching you. You know waking waking up and tell yourself I need to train it's honestly it's exhausting it the thought of having so train is exhausting you know you don't clock sometimes area I am a radio awake and I'm like a now I need to get dressed up good train but when I get happy and when people see the resulting Meena So and there's something wrong with let me see if I I don't know if it's mine or yours, but it's I hope it's no one cuz when you need to and then stops. so it's it's yeah, let's see what I can do. But it's not bad it's not bad Okay, let's us go on with a lock down a lot of people have been saying that this has helped them to become closer with other family members. and you guys have always been such a very close family help with me is because you your brother, you're not like you. It's just not walls. That's all of you are so busy how to do is how to maintain a close attention. I think it's it's something like a life we like this much as your family on to see your family and you know putting ah you know might be second only CIA BCCI to and I am also busy only side but even now you looked out we are still you know to get up but we are all might be our own business which is fun like you know my basis things but brother side and I'm also just always doing mountains doing my own thing so I think it's it's not like it's pushing us to do more because I think we always make it at a family things would see we need to be consistent ah with everything we do see we even we talking about we just have moments random talk and you still do so it's very normal it's creamy very normal And also I wanna ask you about your education for someone like you who has already making money just because of his looks. forget the man you are not ready for, but I think it was your own money. They're not in my leg in you're ready. Yeah your own money and being a post. Why did you choose to go to University? I would have just. Why go to unique because it is made me push because I could literally do anything. I could do anything look at my outfits. I could do anything. I could even ask my parents to go to listen. I need a job or or even working at home cuz you know they they they like our company or proper, but I felt to cuz even big fitness buddy irrespective of getting paid so much and feeling good I need. Get a job. I still decided to continue studying because my parents have invested so much, but you call me everything I want to do and that's the thing when you ask your parents, no matter how experience of our school is expensive, no matter how expensive or what you want or how you want to be dressed to look like a school related. They can't say no, you know. so that's the nice thing. But now you have to get a degree because your present thing so if you see about and they can't say with you ah we are proud of her ABC then it becomes quite you know so many that's why did hot decreasing from town planning because I felt to because I just wanted to do to be honest You odds, but I've decided to let me get a proper degree either in a lawyer or an accountant, something so, at least they can say go to the private school. It took her to Yasser like Oingo Dakota, you know so it was just the whole thing of saying. thank you to my parents. Your parents are in and they're not even take advantage of advantage of. Hello, Wait, Tira your Speaker. Oh okay. I can't hear you now. I can hear you get to their parents are so fortunate because how many children do not take advantage of something and and not enough to their parents who are sending them to those good private schools or just any school at all and we are now moving to 11 three as a country we which I mean some of these students must go back to school if you are still in school or if you have a child, would you let them go back on Monday? Can you hear me Mm-hmm to be honest? me and my personally? I wouldn't allow my child to go to school because I you know as much as you want your child to finish with a tricky and I go to school, but I'm not trying to be horribly anyway, but there's gonna be one or two people out there who are infected the school. If there is how many other people are gonna be affected in every child that's infected will infect their parents. In this home so it's just a very tricky situation they should have literally especially not that is getting into this win the is more strong so that's why president it's in your hands because if we can come back at him city he always that's why you are not under pressure to bring back so they giving an option so if your child does getting Because you know, we can't say anything to anyone when they call in. They say we go, Hey David. I know you're my wife to gym when you charge We charge David to train his life. if you're trying to find if they like David mean cuz I'm not a personal trainer. I've been a personal trainer. so if someone wants me to train them, you must have the money because I'm giving you my time. So it's easy as a trainer and the trainer the No more price you see. Okay. Okay, Extra hundred K self-possession will probably be hundred K Mony is offering you must do for him for free. No. No. no. what about if you did you marry. It's like you know, can I bring my baby? That's one thing which I'm so excited about. I love waiting rings like I used to. And I love wearing so are you so always good to waiting singer in post pictures and you say oh she is married to eat to and I am just like because I mean my face so strong phone it's have so many rings are once wondering so no okay you can open my husband rings people at home my friends You know you might as well be the one that tells us we know and don't forget my present for you, Google and Ian and they all have to hold my dress as you can see. I'm just yet papers. We're changing over one point, eight million followers. It doesn't have none Zulus speakers. We can't. we have to accommodate everyone who loves to accommodate and we have to this one. I'm gonna say but I know you want to claim him and we pay our but she loved by everyone even people like me. They love it so Howard Inna enjoy the season that we're in case, but I just ask this. I just wanted to. I guess I just wanna what's that. Understand everyone Africa so my speak yes I grew up with them I mean levels The only thing I can say in Africa is fun. Mina-mask recognize para killers when you something to be para supply andas I am struggling with consistency in training how do you stay consistent How do I stay consistent one thing? I'll say for everyone who struggles with training. you don't want to have the body. You are imagining. You know we we're able to pay you like it's morena, but I love about who work hard, but the fact that you can make yourself or push yourself to that level shows you a hundred percent for probably 440 percent, so you will not be consistent so in the Latin. Even on as injured in hospital mein aise train mandatory Friday with both legs broken and because It's a thing like you feel so obsessed with something and I mean I don't want to be in the hospital and I was very skinny in the hospital and I was like I can't be in hospital with no six -pack. so it's it's it's all about how bad we do answers. So if you want it badly, you will get it. so even now like last day when I gained so much weight, It's not like I have cages in two months. Imagine when I gained so much weight instead of crying on. I need to I need to train hard so I can at least have bikini in December and in December, I was you guys saw the posted a video for Y'all on my Instagram Well swimming. I love bikini is a to you. Yes. Yeah, I can't hear you when you speak. It's a girl. I really really strong with the men for me. Wow. She is humble. How are you balancing The pressure from the public? is fluent? I'm impressed. Wait, Oh, so in terms of like it's a thing cuz it's zulu as much as I To proper schools and I go. I had to learn this skills. not so good, but it's Zulu nowa that you always say you don't even know what my father So who is that whatever you're speaking to any language of the. So When it comes to that question about, I think it's because of you, you answered. It's in the previous question. What about being consistent with your weight training? I think you're in the previous question. I have is it's high school with my beautiful wife is live on air. Blessed are the eyes that see this day-I missus P and I'll take you. please answer this. Laila you'd be you. We have Meiji. You've got the same as my dad. So yeah. look at you. Wait So my weight gain was I've never been a person who eats badly. I will never, but it's not gaining weight. It was my depression. You know I was very injured and I was entered for almost two years so you can imagine the depression and all that's where you're trying to be happy and you're trying to you know have a normal life. But before I live in Laos, Togo knock knock No no. So basically this only thing that made me gain weight and that's why I mean no one person women's how it doesn't dedicated plus almost forty I like today I am everything so I had no post before ever in my life I can be wait I had also happy thank you God enough is once it was thinking of job bless net really so everything you your accident made headlines it's got the whole of South Africa praying for you and you made an amazing recovery what's advice can you give to people ah but it oh who are dealing with family members of friends who are going through the same thing not necessarily accidents but who find themselves a in a place where they can Give up what made you pull through? You know my accidents was so bad to a point worthy. I almost didn't make it you know. I almost didn't make it two or even next to my car and the person like I have to move and they rushed me to the hospital but one thing you know cuz you wake up and you meant to be happy with your life. I truly wasn't cuz I'm guilty and also. Question maybe trust me and not in fact black but either way I think one thing that just made me exercise myself be in the position I am today because most people don't get to the position people who even gets on my excellent but even gets on lights are excellence they have if of driving a car after the accidents you know Meena all of those things which we just all cancelled that's the love but I think it is when you go through any situation in life number one people situation excepted you know except the situation in and then how can I improve it because while means it's not like a could sleep in wake up in and by improvement oh just wake up the message to make me process I had to take one step two months later one thing in my name you know so it's basically is it away you look at the situation you accept because if the fact that now you can't walk you can't be thinking when the same level you know so you must accept supporting your normality that's how are you going to improve it and matters one thing which I wanna truly bed I'm provided my thoughts and my habits people who you keep close to you in every situation is very important because it will be around how are you helping me to improve to feel better besides me making you love because verified person I used to be the line busy yeah I just somebody I just love laughing today but I decided to just keep all the people who who helped me to positively about being see you know I am facing thinking which give you so be So yeah, except the situation, but with everything as you say what you have to get rid of some people that you are not a positive impact to you to be impacting you. but one thing you never stop and then I was playing when you came back why I still record nights' and love. And like when they put the metals, you can't put your pens and pencils Lao pipes, Ella Was' give away so all the things that I had to win anymore by big one that xel and then gets Toby foot with designer no cut off up until the dollar and then put a whole up from my daughter to my to my hips. so I can just where on one leg and zip it up on the other leg and it. Nice because also makeup like I had to major रहेगा I didn't remember anything only thing I remembered anything remember was helps you just put makeup so yeah even the first tell hospital good eighteenth December picture posted with my dad using machine forget red makeup lipstick even help my week on love lot of close all my makeup all movies so I can dress myself I think club that's the only memory I had back so because also I think it's nothing of just network network thing so one leg people always question so it looks like in one line UTS forever and and I'll do it until I can wear it some more things, but I want food to the world. And your family was there for you the whole time and they were like to and like it because in hospital, I had a private room so my room here we used to have so many balloons and and like everything like Mumbai, I would either one you niggas are winner Ayla cake. Oh. Can I eat appetizer for you? Cuz we're gonna have no cuz I couldn't eat anything. I'm it's a it's a like a lot of good food, but I mean I you and I often say you told us about your memory loss, which must be the hardest to go through. Did you remember your family members immediately what we do have to work on your memory. I didn't when I woke up, I didn't remember anyone. I only remembered my school and high school and my name and my dog. yeah, that's all and like they all had to reintroduce themselves cuz even in the speech. and of course, my memory is so bad. I think I only had let me count I had. Like 10 people from my side of the family and then I also had for umma so I couldn't have the whole family coming to see me because I'm going to so like I'll get irritated more to Tobin. Oh my God. I don't know what's wrong with. it is very close to me and you show guys. Please please Let's explain to people when you first walk in what do you think had happened to you cuz you didn't think that I was a car accident guys so today even know what my life cuz my Vga may not love long as Ila and a pretty. no. no no reception umma eh. Please please don't go like get get to buy you get to fall in love. Love even remember is crazy enough once that's your by that work was very bad man so high school It's that high school, I'm 19, but I do it to. Guys I look like I do have not to have the confidence but lot of things so I am not fully myself yet so you guys won't completely see a lot of me it's points when you guys see much of me but recovering and obviously he told you don't even recover four you expected before so my dream and I am happy I said that we we looked I am so scared hospitals right now because I travel guys gonna be the first people who know driving last year beginning of September you can never never people only found out something at only this year in January but not from last year September everyday I just said music hmm in my dream I mean that's in my dream drive us I need to drive Could be able to drive well, I'm getting it so I'm I abducted which I used to carry a driver's license in my back every day because I don't be evil. Oh, you scared Maggie's. Happy happy meal caring the license out here in the license one day take take in the status one like you cannot freeway fresh na fresh from home freeway lapu niya session i Getting your start to lift when that's me, Oh and let's turn this good afternoon. You'll just wanna say I love you all. I'm watching from New York. Hello New-york. Keep safe. That's the thing. Oh I just wanna ask I think is listening. Or calling you at the next 10 years only. Someone who wants to know and you don't have to answer any question. You do not wanna answer what you ask. I know but I can never speak it out loud on Instagram and I'm going to talk to me as Sonia that I know that but awake you come come here. I got in the accident so to Kwame won't help me in any manner. you know I remember it's you-know-who of course this. They didn't cause it was bad, but there was an influence into it. They didn't do it intentionally, but there was an influence you know, so I can't be mad at the person and I can't be anyone. I got myself in the accident. You know simple but I know but to what caused me to get in that direction and now I poop. And in How do you deal with the trolls cuz you are loved by a lot of people, but they are all negative and you always get negative consequences. You always get people especially now that you've touched about the accident. When you're talking about your amnesia. Some people are saying how do you deal with such people? No cuz you know guys local to what I've been through and bandits, Indonesia and Nigeria it close to even and I'm very lucky to go to it on my, I won't have a memory for two years. And I have been recovered in four months of Day-I go to local and I never went back for treatment, but about to who Cannot experience is you you are going through can never understand so much better at it. Yeah malak. What do you mean that I was basically all my posts are broken like I like to look at my face and thinking what to say I'll probably be 10 times more beautiful. If I get my laga, you know because everything of. Was broken and that the time being negative about your big negative over the to go and remember I got to the place that I I've been ila. I used to I I don't get touched to young Morena. so no why would you list on me? ▁ဟို အခုလိုမျိုး လာပြီး ည ကိုလည်း ဖိတ်ခေါ ▁he ather ▁of ▁the Know who to believe? Yeah, guys and some people and also help people had people sometimes it's reckless that you have the I would get into the exit and how you healed, but I won't because a lot of people write a book. so that's you can motivate and and read that about us. When can we expect that? Enough with that guy is not food does so much in life, but in reality is yeah, I I don't have food Don't eat me so but my book is definitely gonna come out and it needs to come up because my recovery is truly unbelievable. I haven't spoken about it, but it's for me and I know to what if when I was to me, then you you know you can. Us and they'll tell you what we don't know how you know so my book won't be about my recovery, but it will be about two just simply napkins. I got like all via Minda. If it's a Kazu, keep up the good work, you say A B C we're going over to ABC everything if your brain has the power to do that to you, then you will achieve. All about what you believe in and what you do, you know and may not truly to where I am today. The fact that I recovered eight months before the day is meant to recover. You know it's all because I made myself recover. There's no medication or anyone who made me recover. I made myself mentally recover and I'm here today. So besides iming like that, I'm about recovery visas, so I wanted to be about. Monday's guys, it takes us to places like $10. I'm going to Tena and the little more only been since Nami I've only been to church twice and now I will say this no-I to Goma from now to go and everything but me I'm my connection is what God it. Because we all can end up going to church I would never be person but I believe in him anyone towards him and out even give people different ways of how to even speak to go to how to even manifesto you know my book is gonna be very powerful front of mine in Canada says truly remarkable memory that is a one of the injuries also involved in a horrific accident and recovered you to remind of each other in many ways So it's nice, it's inspiration from you and I'm sure she'll be the first if not, I have to buy it for her. And now on a party, you were able to your chair and enjoy when I'm done because I think we are on the situation with motivates someone to see more and laga Nowak to our team. Yeah, guys you'll support system you know because I think what is so new but how to support you going forward cuz in supporting the more, it doesn't mean we don't pay any English as a word. I say you need to find the first time or into a club. I would like How about one -A Maan say the next Laing no-I guess I can see why It's the. So if you niggas is it's time it's time now. so the support system is good because it took me back to more than a year. Now, I feel like I'm even better. I used to be before you know mentally my health. My heart, everything is better than before, but we only get the number with the support system. You know, not everyone like I lost a lot of people. Ninety people of my life today because this part of the support system imagine ninety people your family they all fail to push your duration needs be posted so yeah breakup with me so I was in my name but sometimes very important thing or sometimes you hold them so people that are taking us from people they are not pushing us and we write there actually sometimes you hope that people on this realise which these people don't care about me they one minute so be here to change it them or they want to be here That can open for them not about me, so it's very important to let go, especially our friends. just like my daughter or sometimes a little bit. and then it's over my friend. Sorry, I'm done now for me that was by Ansi Carlo so people who would want to back in the day. I go to pato crazy. Basically my life. I was too extra, so I love people. Once you obviously friend because they can relate with me but my habit no strong flashback Yuck but one thing and a cocoa is like sequences. I need the effects you survived. you should be happy cuz Yago goering p-make your life better by you know a Dream better for yourself, give me a positive impact. and that's one thing I think. My people have a fear of of and that is why because you're gonna feel the pain you've already felt so much pain like Nina A thousand. If I feel any physical pain because I will do the worst pain. I broke all the bones, but my fingers and I were broken. so I mean I can even take a knife's. I mean megalo I'll I won't feel. Mentally I don't have it in me. I don't have fear of pain so I push yourself to no Hasan Okay now walk so I try every day because if a-z Willits no-I fully because also so you can't be rewarded as I would you have for the gospel. So no after-school also have a. And it's so amazing how you you've make me even think I was capable of doing that. We do not put ourselves through cuz you're about to boxing with those fingers. They're broken. I mean, like I didn't get no no well for now. I mean I think you know that's motu Jessa Ipa the way cuz that that punch soho, it's been shy. Hey. Hello my from presenting the kingdom of thank you so much so much love guys I read all my comments on Instagram and I can't reply to and I like all of them and I am people are so positive but you will be reply for there is a lot of you guys this millions of your but everything you guys say all the positive messages I take a see all of them and truly made me so much stronger and I fill it gave me confidence as well you know how so one point seven one point eight is the confidence because it's not the end of the world achieve so much more one thing that everyone thinks about you and your mother is how humble you are which is Really and great to hear. Guys. before our show, no one knew what he I came up from a good family. We have ABC because of their posted even one as a car before never and I've never even posted our House. you know I've never it's I mean it's not that's not a House. That's it's a shopping mall. But you know it's examples even now like the post, ABC ABC and same with me, I think it's easy to naturally within us sele of value. We've never been able to like showing often everything cuz my Instagram and people would think you so much showing off that is always been a life think it's better. Imagine what's on Instagram. You say you told me. and if you want to show toan Kahan, of course well. Bye that is she is always been naturally like that if you know my size to it's a extra you know and in beautiful and dressing up now bởi vì baliw dalawang game college talking about women I was gonna call visit Instagram and I like you to tell us on off and ah let's start with this one That's my man, I'm I'm that's where they're putting money in so many umbrellas That's that will be the first time I was a-b cuz it's it's full of money. You will take it away guys for my love. I wish I could do it again. I mean so much money. I was carrying black bags. go back to you back and put it nicely and safely in your room that you going to gula. How much My memory loss, but you know I had two full bags, two black plus bin bags. they put full of a hundred reps are putting less than a hundred names. No no no, no no. I will there's it was crazy and if I invited the ladies is the first what's the name for them. I can't remember that prop name Bassi in Venice. Oh yes Inna in the worst the person jans to show you it's not It must be a above your head. No who doesn't have seen you know like to this guy. One I think it all the parties and because you do you go big our complaint party you need to tell your neighbours everyone but he is notification so now can complain so never done anything without telling about to around us Hey, I can do everything. I don't know how what I call my kind of talents what kind of places those are I was I can serve so like they said they've been loved by King Shiga be and I was busy swimming and surfing and food. I'm surfing. I had to look at that. Aur Bess mil's go to my Instagram now go to be 18 2017. I was looking like a snack. Side guys this one was my favourite one Maggi this was cutting last PM ten C P my before only person for so I come out of me today guys love you more than me but hi Now, I don't feel good to surprise, Okay we will it was a beautiful experience cuz it shows you what no matter no matter how messed up your situation can be, but you know about your like he's like I didn't think of College who call me and say well come out for me the fans to go to someone who like the fact that he made me do that gave me number one so much confidence the level of flow most pain' Toji Ipo. It gives me some much confidence so happy the way also happy Let us just so beautifully and let's throw it back to before then. Yes, I was on a I have an eye that's him next to me. You say Tobi at least a new way. Yes Papa. This one Oh, I don't give, but now you might like to make I need to do my hair and the makeup artist to do my face on where to go to. Second makeup fancy places outfits just goes to the restaurant and guys your applies like locked out Gula so much two point two, so you guys must have awards for best person cuz we go. Teacher enjoy o i-consider freshen over what No, I didn't so I just have. I think you know Doss Zimbabweans Right-I think so is it and how about that? but but and you know so I see it's so that's how I just made by God's Goss. Me-I say it was beautiful. It was a beautiful experience and I'm so happy I was so happy. What's the one thing you are looking forward to doing after a lock down After the lock down one thing I okay before Kyo Gaza me-I tryed and go to cinema in no money to buy. We're live and the biggest problem. I have no guys cuz would you look at that and I wanted to lose 15 kgs 90 -. April May June 15 Kgs in four months, I know people think it's impossible. I mean it's a guy and you show that you know cuz I push myself mentally to that level. So when I was a lock down Patel, but I still training in you know, but I'm busy but that but you look down one thing I want to do is go back to my cuz I can't get to my like you guys are busy way to your. Twice a day besides of chema and trying to Beyonce, I want to work. you know. I've got a degree and there's so many other things I can do but I think it's I'm I'm on meetings and you may know Morey. you know. I'm God what's self-same and pushes it was and I'm excited with it day to. Yes, yes. Oh my God. Of course, it's the same guy. I'm still too young later but but my in my my man and I told him my only focus is myself and weis or able to tell that the Lord. Guarantee the best thing to do is to focus on yourself because they say win oh you know we may look at and you must push it make sure that I learned valuable okay when you guys are going to When internationals reopen and why? Before my accident, I was actually planning to move out to LA and that's okay only hosted by Boot Camp La, but it's not as bad. The LA like your sister posted today, Instagram will actually into camp. so I'm saying Naga in the corner. Oh guys by the way guys shout out to my. I think I clip my nails like beno and say I but guess who follows me. Yes I am going to please tell us you have to challenge people how we gonna know followed by hearts there is so there is no I look at Photos like No-I Do this eight point eight one million followers' and hopefully shall I know you know his his like a proper man. He's a husband, You know it's basically like a dad. He was just a person wearing a well and who was happy in and of the I'm handling my recovery. so that's good. and then besides the I just saw many other people. my nigga Maes. I wasn't I. They just two powerful to be speaking to you cuz I'm no one at the end of the day. Kevin literally no one but you know I think it's the way I handled myself and my job and I'm doing it so well and I'm inspiring so many other people yes and inspiring them as well. cuz Kevin has you to go in a car accident as well and my food was very. Of recovery also very impressive so say I love my love. Oh you've hutch's. I say he's like people. Yeah, no. I'm just waiting for Raa to say it's your look that is your level wide and only you'll see it's okay, but no one else beso you want to do to it's I'm sorry about an active who you'll be the only one you'll never one 'll and that's the thing on my own. I don't need a trainer but who's gonna keep. No fight to find someone they who is working around you know people who would I am cleaning fortunative left yes yes now for you yes process your Are you guys? I think I had a Dream of one person? Yes. I think I know who my husband is gonna be yes. I give her. that's it. Yeah. you give me malo more than 49. What's up guys? We poop's. we'll see somebody. Husband but yeah and put your guys Who? Do you wear a mask every time you go somewhere do wear a mask. Nuts at home at home. No, I know it's a yes, but I will wait you-know-who inkem astor and again. When are you guys coming out or massport hanger? Okay, guys. Can I tell you what my masks used to be? Nobody likes to be embarrassed to say this. Okay okay so that's a before you must give him became like a nine percent before before That's why I get it. No, it's a it's a pretty. so I'm in. I know it's jaimie Masi. Okay You I'll I'll take this roll. It put it on my on my nose maang. I could not forget about me. I was that bad. Only thing that make me nothing more than anyone because also buy struggling healthy but I strong enough Dressing Like this to talk to Corona Nagin Okay. Honestly, honestly, I'm guilty. I look like a tell me-I wess beginning of March. So today I've never seen one friend never and I want to, but I'm with no because not guilty. Stila She's. Very crucial accident where she broke everything and was in a comma skilled by one I'm going to go bye let's get yeah it last night I looking forward to one day no I don't drink I know like people I know I just look at the crazy person but I don't drink sorry five four six m the worst present because of fishing plastic coffee coffee mix you energy for days i'm nicole flying at joanna share so coffee so you make your own eyes coffee and can you tell us about this yes No, it's not the water that we used to go or not what's put the waters to water' this one is atmospheric little more. My life by-and-by the best of my minds. चलो thank you so much guys Now, I'm saying, thank you kan makiya for the Super chats. They're supporting the channel. Thank you so much you can support the by doing a Super Jess. Thank you. I really appreciate it. God bless you. Thank you bingo. I like that I can post this messages. Everyone wants to make a baby with you and as a. 15 children with youth, There's a lot I imagine that's what you're gonna have stretch marks and more Tomas. Imagine Ipa go to always be like at the rika injury only ones and with my eyes so I have like a triplets or twins and it's a mango. It's okay. Christmas seven one once the whole second of the Couls would you rather? So would you say not if we go to level five? Would you rather be lock down with checkup zoom No get my dad your office like like Carful for assistance or something good for yes, right so magic go find it go on like Instagram. What's my friends? It's tomas Jake. I'm not. You could do. I follow you spending level three, which talks about my posta. I'm talking to him telling him that you guys need a BC. This guy's upside down. It's thatz and he's gonna find out someone in his family is gonna saya who I am and I cannot tell you not eat you like your old. If I'm outside this gates' aur robbin security, you are now in the would you rather. Would you rather never ever wear a week or two hairstyle again or lose all your shoes? Rather not wear big guys my hair is he wait my hairs of course super long hair like this is my own it is literally locked this is the back of the head you know the fact that are putting it I've got beautiful and my hairs and effort so I look beautiful with Sanjay Much of the shooters I've got a lot of cuz youma heels. I have enough on my heels. I want my heels. I don't know no pack up, but it's must be Snickers. I would never give away my niggas me-I. I love them. I love them. get ready to go in brother lose all your teeth or one eye. And Gaza or car accident this I was hanging out like a mela. I was a yummy I had to put them in. So imagine for your rights right Don't would you rather never exercise again or never travel to other countries ever again, a brother never travel at all to any countries. I would even be fine as long as. Instagram so I can see all of the Instagram you see. Hey guys. I'm Solis It''s. Hey guys. I'm having such a beautiful day. you know watching me on Instagram is so entertaining advice you guys to ABC man. so I can you know see something new me and my mom will be. Would you rather exercise for five hours a day? Oh, let me think let me think of a difficult time for you cuz I know you love to exercise. Okay. So I know the answer is gonna be exercise. Everything guys. please help me. They help me with question for everything. I'm thinking I know you're gonna choose cuz I'm gonna say exercise but I know you're gonna say exercise exercise your club is exercising or going to clap if you had to choose one a club like your Patricia. Oh, I'll go to the club. I'll open at the club we exercise so we can be fit enough for the club. So I'd rather go to the club. They first one from one the difficult time, but it's it's it's a good one. Would you rather go back to the hospital bed or be the girl with a poor family. Me and my brother to go back to the hospital. I think because my hospital I go, I'm look differently. I mean I just feel it with my time in hospital and that's by they may they found the way of making my hospital time just amazing. There was never a day where I was like I hate hospital. I even use a son and hospital that would come to my head to my nails. I had tips in hospitals so my hospital. Journey was too nice and the food was too nice. Everything was so nice so I can't compare it to something that's nice. It's like asking me about him and hospital. I still choose him but irrespective at in hospital, they have a job. so I used to go to German hospital. I had to train in hospitals, so basically my hospital is just too amazing. You had so much support as well so. I would emphasize on Instagram. Guys Instagram, I know we all look at it differently and stuff, but it is actually a job. It's hard and puts his stuff cuz if you post regularly and people like but you have to be. Superstar was like if you go look at my Instagram I'm about post out the previous exposes our body flow even if you go away from that down it's all flows so perfectly I did my next picture at least must be black so which is nice and this black to match it all black you know so it's it's not as easy as it looks and do not want to be fitness but now I can Okay. Do you make money out of your Instagram cuz I know some people is influences. That's their way of that's what they're profession. That's how they live. That's how they make money. I haven't I haven't cuz it was told me before I used to a lot and I made a little but to give you a focus wasn't on working on making money. I've been focusing on my recovery, but it's the remains in my. it does make money would you rather go to the gym or be with your family and sleeping on some champagne well alcoholic free. I would I don't like my cousins. everybody is so different and now in the last few years now I go to the you know so they would tell me and everyone in. it's just nice. I am with you You title' ill. Well, I have the worst because if we if the Super equals for me, I'm like, I said, I say to someone does for me. Someone discovered before the end of it Have you ever been in trouble with. Hey, have you ever been in trouble because in Jackie moment? Irrespective the number one, No one can come close to my truck. I only but now my oldest they can't get close to my dog. That's why I bought it because yeah it has to it has to. It's a special case cuz I had no more. I don't know why I think I I think I do not pay off before you get your foot in the pussy. I better inside the and even if you're watching a movie, you are watching a movie, Me-I Indus a full pack up my time and you like you to a movie and popcorn. Yeah. Yeah, you guys superboy. It was good. I can do that with our plates. so I mean I get. We before my no single for the rest of your life or what's up way or other forever I don't believe in good night family see you tomorrow okay like I don't hate to eat do anything but Yes, but I did it. I did not get a million. I wanted to ask your mom that question. I forgot what I was. I mean I guess I feel like I've been we're gonna have it back just for that question. Just one question with who and who are you to go? see Miguel Day. I would you would you rather I land since cold so I didn't say brother and limited keeping it if it's the natural I donate to you rather lose your dog or a parts of your limb. I That's a difficult time. I love it, but what engages like my child, It's like, would you rather lose your child or use your limp like I have myself. so that's I wouldn't mind losing in God or agia, but it limply pillowing without it. so I'd rather take the Neal. Stella 000 Please give us advice How should people behave, especially moving on to Level three on Monday with children going back to school people being able to buy alcohol people being able to go back to church? How can we reflect in the cave cuz Iban are gonna get carried away? One thing I'd say, go all in your hands now, so you can see it's in your hands If Allan will go to your tan because of Caesars in your hands. we're guessing Naka Cuzco local haber, but it's a good to see them to play and be hangover Hangover whoso. We're told to Tba the outside cuz most of Ila so with everything that's going on right now, I mean not the only thing I would advise cuz I'm about to go go go lock down. Three people are happy because they can start working making money and your boy. so also like I'm happy. Everything but it's a very risky face for us all and it's bye-bye and try to just stay home because all of down beside eighteen guys I am full myself K myself food we gonna from wherever we are in the world will everyone can behalf of everyone I listen I'm gonna I'm gonna big for but I just saw myself good see one thing I need to do isn't because doesn't mean no strong if we all don't know so early advice don't think because you don't know you don't know I know you can no one knows so see you also when you carry it might not kill you but killed those who are close to you then you must you can also play yourself forever because the way now it's it's on you Even my day-I, it's very tricky. I can advice you to all. I can say is it's in your hands so be very mindful of all the actions. everything you do and your surrounded. That's all I can say thank you so much much more and we'll message you please my sister. I've been calling you please answer it. I am I'm not and I guess so many people have I know which is about to buy a hus guys. I'm not even a person or go like if my phone. I'm in fact, I think I'm okay, I will do not disturb Ajay is essential in was missing in total. Oh my oh. Your boy Nick's grooving, I would say it was before. But you know, I'm going to be in my I can I yes and I feel like I really do they go up and go. Details and I'm going through a struggle. Please help me, but it's my official accounts. I doma Laure after I might say I can't upgrade maang beauty no-I contours Hurtt received it back now. I'm my name is So-and-so account was hacked you. A lot has been hacked three times. Able to get it you have to start again like the first time that's what I for my accidents during my accidents even to accounts but my accounts well as in hospital we had so I only got them like I think what's the second two weeks after the hospital ah in the person was a wow My account has been done by I'm especially Celebrities', lost their accounts to my emails that everyone gets to to secure your account to verify that the only those it's those links to praise, which puts you in the face. I don't know about Hernan cuz I was in hospital. I wasn't I was impressing and kneeling, but I did it and it was. Point to point 221 to on why is the text messages It's hard to imagine because even my Twitter concert toan my screenshot, Yeah, we told the sanction I like got a lot of people on Instagram to be reported To-night right, It's Ayala Ian No-I to resell it to you cuz that's what they do. They wanna sell it back to you. They don't want to sell it to me it was a whole method of moon to because people have for so many reasons I understand those who had for the money but also once you pay them the money they don't return your account that is so mean people I just horrible they are horrible but you all need to be mindful and be thankful for still haven't life and them especially now children lock down they getting a lot of these emails with people saying they wanted to admit is on your page for their product and they offer you don't reply to those why manage but they are it's and the thing is banking they need to pay you that's how they had banking account also look down Walk about to most people have the account I was getting a DM from the account, so basically the heck is with DMing me and I'm I'm using a contact. Issac was always laughing but a moment and I'm and besides my emails and I I literally have over 50. We'll look at look down by Inna and they even give me my mom comes up, which I hate. In the hope they end up using it themselves, but South Africa you want to post this and it's actually 400 likes. We can't go to a million go to a telephone like who's gonna like that ass you know. Once again thank you so much for the super guys please support you can send a super thank you so much we appreciate every support thank you so much everyone say we must have back so what they must be due to protect and when are you opening YouTube account where you do a my exercises and encourage us I mean what does that mean? I'm thinking about please don't I I I. And thank you so much that we love you. We love you. We wish you only the best and we will hopefully we will have you back. people are are loving you and I know it must not we will be here for the next four hours. I know you guys. I'm coming back next time. Vyas look on the I can be inside the pool you can have the key. Assertion yeah you have to swat so nice and freezing We're gonna have, but we need to celebrate your birthday. A couple of people must be nice and and but Poor's Perla he's the main shambo week. Can I tell you how to stop by and the outfit? That's what they look Minaj Jans the show make up on the coin Lili make up. Let me know are you gonna be looking like this with your mask? I'm ready. Let me make a going to go to and on the inside that for you and it is this is how your mask is gonna be looking. Yes. I'm ready. So we'll open it up in the eighth of June. Actually, That is great. It's a date we when we're playing a part, you guys put your trust me. It was cool and I think you see you soon and I like it. Yeah. Yeah. Yes. Yes. it's 10. Jason Jennifer yes in your. It's very hard. It's awesome. Yeah. so you too. Can you see us? Let me check it out. Don't keep it a, I said. Oh, that's Bana. Betty's. Yes, we will be there. It's still cool. Without the fields that you are that you are naturally beautiful and it feels so right. I love you so much and thank you so much. I think of June. we have a date. We love you. We love you and we wish you all of you guys. Thank you for everyone and thank you so much for all of this and thank you for the information. Sam's So we love you, please subscribe to my YouTube channel. My videos subscription is free Maha.

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